Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rock N Roll

Last time when I wrote the review on 'Paradesi',I started it with specifying the hero's previous venture 'Alibhai'.

Reading it,one of my friends told that it was not good to start like that,a past is a past.

So taking into account his words,I am not giving any comparisons for Mohanlal's latest project 'Rock
N Roll'.This movie is scripted & directed by Renjith.He is the trend-setter man who opened the way
for heroism subjects through 'Devasuram' followed by 'Aaram Thampuran','Narasimham','Valyettan', 'Usthad','Ravanaprabhu' etc.

Here Mohanlal is in the role of Chandramouli,who is a musician and a drum player.He has got many friends in Chennai,the homecity of south indian films.It includes music directors played by Siddique & Mukesh,Keyboard player Rehman,Violinist Lal,Tabalist Harisree Asokan etc.As per their request, Chandramouli reaches Chennai to play drums in a recording.In the first impression itself he likes the girl who came to sing the song.Lakshmi Rai,who has done some tamil-kannada films before is a new face here in this role.

Our hero,who always hate the ideas of becoming love or getting married is changing his character soon.He was in a busy schedule on the way to South Africa,but cancels his trip,plans to stays here.He himself took the role of a music director with the help of tabalist & a dummy producer,played by Jagathi.Thus in the second half what all things Chandramouli does, to get her love by creating a composition is what 'Rock N Roll' is.

Anyway 'Rock N Roll' has not received a good opening.(i have been regularly witnessing the first day crowd for any superstar films in the capital city for more than 15years).
Till first half Mohanlal's character is having a very long hair.So the posters showing such an appearance,some pre-release reports which came in film magazines and also the english title of the film must have deflected negatively on the audience.

Rock N Roll' is a different attempt by Renjith which is picturised completely in Chennai.Here also the
director is trying to project the heroism,but it is not in an usual action style.The scenes in the beginning in which Siddique searching for Chandramouli, reminds us the scene in 'Aaram Thamburan'.

Words praising the hero like, Mouli has got only few friends in India like ARRehman & Zakkir Hussain, is just difficult to digest.

There are also dialogues in which his friends says that Chandramouli is unpredictable,he behaves in a different manner always,he is like that only... they are all different words to boost heroism.

The second half where the hero tries to shine infront of the heroine by composing songs,is treated in a comic way with the help of Jagathi & Suraj Venjarammood.It reminds us some of the old Priyadarsan films where there were no place for a depth in story telling.In the middle we have the
character of Manoj K Jayan,who is a goonda & an old friend of the hero.He is a character created to
guard the hero from some of the hazards he is facing.

There are some unwanted characters and situations in the film.

The main one being Swetha,who is in the role of a choreographer.Her friendship with Chandramouli shown in an european style must have been liked by north indians,but an average malayalee dont want to see such hi-fi sequences which is not at all necassary for the subject.

Then Rehman's character who goes behind every women & his strict wife's role played by Praveena is already told a 100 times before.

Mukesh's character is also not necassary for this subject.Also the song featuring Chandramouli & his friends singing and dancing infront of the heroine is appearing without any notice.

Suraj Venjarammood's character is there to grab his popularity.He is in the role of an untalented music director,who is a judge for reality shows.(I am totally disagreeing with the words Chandramouli
telling to this man.The script writer is targeting music director Sharath here.Sharath's talent/caliber should not be judged with the number of films he has worked.If you had heard songs from
'Kshanakathu','Pavithram','Sindoorarekha','OttayalPattalam' etc you will also agree with me...)

Only thing which is strong here is the relationship between Lal's character & his divorced wife's role done by Rohini. Also the director has taken effort to show some of the things which are not discussed so far in our films like music composing, live recording, final mixing etc.

In the climax song,'Ravereyaayi...' in which the hero expressing his love is a good composition by Vidyasagar.He has scored the high pitch number with an excellent orchestration.He is a notable name in the technical team as far as 'Rock N Roll' is considered.

ManojPillai's photography,in which the majority of scenes happening in indoor portions is colorful. Bijibal has done the re-recording.

'Rock N Roll' is not a big entertainer to promote / at the same time it is not too bad to be cornered.If this film was released at a time 10years before,with a different name,it would have been flown with the wind.

But at this time,I dont think it will create a news.

Rating : 2.5 / 5


UnniKrishnan ( Krishna Mithran) said...

I doubt prashant is little bit prejudistic in reviewing such kid of films by entering in to the creator's independence of narration. As a lover of good movies i could say this movie as a good entertainer. I dont understand why he refers to Priyadarshan by saying Priyadarshans old movies without remembering the fact that Priyadarshans old movies very trend setters. Of course Renjith is bit dramatic in delivering the scenes may be because is a trained dramatist but that style well suits for this type of movies. I dont understand why a movie reviewer like prashanth seeks the help of the crowding to measure a movie and after that making a remark at the end like that. Please understand that reviewing is not killing a cretive attempt it should cater the betterment of the art. I dont appreciate that perodic remark by saying if it was released 10 years back( i dont know what he means by that) may be it would be the same like saying if Nilakuyil is released in 2007 it will be a flop. Please be little bit creative in reviewing movies by giving authentic remarks. I am sorry if this comment hurts you , but iam forced to say this as a part of due respect to our Friendship.

prasanth said...

Dear unnikrishnan,

You are mistaken in many things.

I never said that priyadarshan's style is not good.i only pointed out that some of the scenes is treated similar as there in a priyan film.

I have written the facts reg crowds, since they are also the deciding factor whether the film is an entertainer or not.I have been watching any superstar film on the releasing date itself for more than 15years.For a good entertainer mohanlal movie,there should be a housefull crowd for all shows in the first week of its release in Trivandrum.(here you got the max fans for the hero in the state) I got the ticket casually without any rush on the first day evening show for 'rock n roll'.To be honest,i saw this film for the second time as per request of one of my friends today(6th day of its release),there was only 70% of the attendance in sreekumar theatre for the second show.

About the period,what i meant was, if this film was released in a period where a film with an average report will ran for 50days & was considered as a hit.( films like 'gandharavam','agnidevan', 'minnaram','dhanam' etc ),but these days with the budget of a film is doubled or tripled or more than that compared to those days,for a film to be a hit,it should ran for, even at this situation you are having a lal film in every let us pray & wait for this film to be a superhit as you expects.

A totality of the review is clearly visible in the endlines given in bold,I was neutral there.

Anyway we are all humans only.What felt good to me can be bad to others or viceversa...

Any types of comments are always appreciated...