Friday, November 16, 2007

Om Shanthi Om

" Have you seen 'Om Shanthi Om' ? ", " Have you seen the song in 'Om Shanthi Om' featuring all the top stars in bollywood ? ",these are the FAQs by the public these days.Such publicity stunts has never affected me.If i wish to watch a movie,it will happen at any cost.A promotion is necassary for a movie to reach the audience,but its not a good trend to follow the media hype as it is.

'Om Shanthi Om' is Sharukh Khan's next venture with choreographer turned director Farah Khan after 'Main Hoon Na'.The movie is produced by the hero itself under the banner of Red Chillies
Entertainment.This is heroine Deepika Padhukone's debutant film in hindi.She being daughter of veteran sportsmen Prakash Padhukone,has acted in a kannada film before.

When I saw the title logo style in the posters of 'Om Shanthi Om',I discussed the difference in it with a friend of mine.We thought it was just a new style adapted from the olden days.But when i watched the film i understood,the style was created according to the mood of the story which happens in the later 70's.

This film opens with the song from Karz,'Om Shanthi Om...' featuring Rishikapoor.We can see our hero Omprakash dancing with the audience in the shooting floors.He is an extra artist here wishing to become a big hero one day.He is in mad of the super heroine Shanthipriya.Omprakash saves her from
an accident happened during a shoot.Thus both become close to each other.One day he came to know that she is having some problems with the producer Rakesh Mehra(Arjun Rampal).But he cant stop the worse from happening.Shanth is murdered and in a desperate attempt to save her life,he lost his life also.

In the post interval session,the story is happening in the current period.Here our hero got a rebirth, he is the new superstar in bollywood now.Some of the incidents happened 30years before comes to
his mind often.He who know the villain plans to trap him.The NRI,Mehra is planning to take a movie after a long gap.How the hero & party takes revenge is what shown in this film which turns a slightly horror look in the end.

Though the old period is not recreated as it is in the first half,we are getting a sense of it through the huge building sets used for shooting those daya.Art director SabuCyril has got a big role in
this film.The Costume department headed by Manish Malhotra & Karan Johar helped the director very well.Make up according to the period for artists should also be noted here.(make up and body language of Omprakash played by Sharukhkhan is very average only,it needs more clarity)

The visual effects work done by Red Chillies VFX for songs in which Deepika acts opposite SunilDutt & RajeshKhanna is good to see.Music director Vishal-Sekhar has given songs based on the situations, but it wont be remembered for a long time.Re-recordist Sandeep Chowta has got a different job to do in both halves of the story.Cinematographer Manikandan has got some colorful frames.

The scenes in the second half is not having its depth.The major portions are covered by a Filmfare function in which our hero gets the best actor award,a song in which almost all the bollywood
artists are dancing,an item song by the hero himself & a song in the climax.Other scenes are there only for a lead to the climax-anti climax portions in which the villain is being cornered.

There is no logic in the 10mnt song featuring a bulk of artists, right from Dharmendra to SayedKhan. It is good only to be used as a promo for this film.Also people who love to see many actors together, without watching hindi films usually, will like such a song.

The film fare award function scenes are presented in a sarcastic manner.Since we people are not so close to the hindi actors,i dont know whether it will reach the audience as expected.The scenes in which the superstar comes to act in a film,hears the story from a director who behaves like a joker etc are all there to create a laugh,but the impact is not there.

Shreyas Talpade who came through 'Iqbal' is the friend of Sharukh.He got two different appearances, but he has to get more experience to handle the old aged role in the second half.ArjunRampal, Kirankher & Bindu has peformed well in their roles.The tall Deepika Padukone is not having much to do infront of camera.Sharukh Khan is here in his usual style only.

'Om Shanthi Om' is not that big compared to 'RangDe Basanthi', in which two different periods are blended well with a good script/direction.
Also this film is not giving any message like Sharukh's previous hit 'ChakDe India'.

But if you had planned to watch,I wont block your attempt.Its a different film.

Rating : 3 / 5


MM said...

U have got a nice blog going here Prasanth! I especially liked reading ur review of Naalu Pennungal!

Way to go!

syama said...

This movie through ur comments reminds me of an old movie khoon bhari mang where the heroine Rekha takes revenge against the person who tried to kill her by camouflaging herself.If u have seen the movie I referred ,Kindly give a comment on this account.

prasanth said...

hello syamachechi,
Sorry, your assumption is not correct.those 2 films are uncomparable.

Years ago i have seen 'khoon bari mang'(i remember it has got rekha,rakesh roshan & kabir bedi)There house wife rekha takes revenge on the villain by acting like a modern girl...right?

But in 'om shanti om',the revenge part is there,but here the story is happening in different periods; also there is an issue of rebirth & all.the hero & the villain are also characters in the modern age...heroine also comes in few sequences in the end.


Kalpana Chechi said...

Your review is really enjoyable.I could appreciate especially the Om Shanti Om's review. What U have commented on it is very true. Though,I thoroughly enjoyed watching it as I happen to be a great fan of Shahrukh's and to me the film was quite entertaining . I have not watched any of these Malayalam Films. I would just love to watch Mohan Lal's film.
Kalpana Chechi

Poornima said...

hai prasanth,

Om Shanti Om is a pakka entertainment movie.So no meaning in comparing it with Chak de .