Sunday, November 25, 2007


Medium : Tamil
Stars : Surya, Asin, Vadivelu, Kalabhavan Mani
Director : Hari

In 'Vel', Surya & Asin has paired together once again, after the super success of 'Gajini'.This film is directed by Hari, who gave superhit films like 'Sami' & 'Ayya'.After a short gap, Surya is coming in double role.(previous one being, 'Perazhakan', the remake of malayalam film 'Kunjikkoonan')

Like every double role - stories, this one also starts in the younger days of the heroes.While travelling with their parants,one of the twins get separated.Some of the villagers adopted him & he grew up there; while the other one i
s staying with his parents in the city.The former one is a man of the masses in the village, the latter one is working in a private detective agency.

The city guy fall in love with a VJ in a private channel.When she went to the village side to shoot a programme, accidentally she saw the village hero.At the same time, when the village guy came to the city, he saw his twin brother also.So inorder to make the things little bit more confused and make it a happy ending, both the characters are interchanging their respective places.Thus in the second half the film is taking its pace.In the end how the heroes took revenge on the villain is what 'Vel' tells us.

'Vel' is a mixture of many double role films & Director Hari's previous films like 'Thamarabharani' & 'Ayya'.The villain character played by Kalabhavan Mani and his attitude is told many times before.The director has given more importance to the village background.Only difference is that, for the village hero character, we dont have any heroines. Vadivelu is there to create the comic episodes.

Soorya has given a neat identification for both the characters. Asin is ok. On the villain side, Kalabhavan Mani should have concentrated on the stability in his performance.( since he has not used his own voice, its little bit difficult to judge him )

YuvanSankerRaja's music is blended well with the situations.Priyan has done a good job behind the lenses.Rockey Rajesh has got some big action sequences to workout.

If you want to watch a typical tamil movie which has got some story with romance, sentiments, songs, action, punch dialogues, humour etc; then 'Vel' is also a choice.

Rating : 3 / 5

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