Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jab We Met

Weeks before when I saw the scenes of the hindi film 'Jab We Met' in a TV Trailor show,it has some shots which is similar to that of a malayalam film 'Vettom' directed by Priyadarsan.So i double checked the director's name there;I expected it to be another buzz from that king of remakes.But to my surprise,director's name was given as Imtiaz Ali.

( Since 'Vettam' is already a hindi remake, I thought it was my foolishness thought.But there are also examples like 'Dhol'.It is a new hindi film directed by Priyadarsan which is the second remake of malayalam hit 'Inharihar Nagar'.Someother director has already remade it in hindi 12years before. )

All those predictions was in vague,when i watched 'Jab We Met'.It was a totally different film.Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor played the main roles here.The story rolls around these two characters,the hero being the son of a multi millionaire and the other one a smart young lady who belongs to a higher class sikh family.

Shahid is leaving his own company due to some family problems.On the way, in a train he came across Kareena who is in search of her lover.She is too talkative; in the beginning he doesn't like this character; later her such an attitude towards the life is inspiring him, thus he accepts the reality & came back to normal life.As time passed,on the other side when her jolly life is changed to a little darker side, he comes to her help. What happens to them in the end is a suspense, it is not as you see in all hindi films.

In the 70's & 80's almost all the hindi films has some story to tell and it was widely accepted by the audience.In such an aspect,'Jab We Met' will remind us about that golden era as far as the industry is concerned.This film is a great relief from the 'Murder' trend these days.

Other than shahid & Kareena, the only well known artist in the film is Dhara Singh,who comes in the role of heroine's grandfather.All the artists has performed well, among them Kareena & Shahid should be given the maximum marks.

Director Imtiaz Ali who came from the tele serial field has directed a film named 'Socha Na Tha' before.But this time he has caught attention by moulding the characters very well in such a love story.Music by Pritam,Cinematography by Natraj Subramanyam also goes well with the movie.

If you are a regular viewer of hindi films, then dont miss 'Jab We Met'. Here no gimmics is used to tell the story.

Rating : 4 / 5

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