Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Medium : Hindi
Stars : Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee, Salman Khan
Director : SanjayLeelaBhansali

After the critically acclaimed superhit film 'Black',director SanjayLeelaBhansali is back with 'Sawariya'.Yougest member of Kapoor family,Ranbir Kapoor(son of RishiKapoor) and daughter of AnilKapoor, SonamKapoor is here in the debut role.

The reports after the preview/first show of 'Sawariya' was not healthy.It says that it is not at all a good film as expected.
Since I have to write a review on the film,I had watched it without keeping in mind such comments.

While watching, I felt that all those media reports were false.How can they consider 'Sawariya' as a Film.'Sawariya' will come only under the category of "Drama" or "Light & Sound Show" or "Baale" or something like that.If you are showing any of these things in a movie theatre, you cant call it as a film.

Why I am telling like this lies in the fact that the whole sequences of 'Sawariya' is happening in a stage at night where the backdrops are curtains, building sets, paintings and illuminations.You cant witness such a township in any films across the world;may be you can see such a place in the Arabian tales.Moreover 'Sawariya' has got a non sense story to tell.

SanjayLeelaBhansali has used sets as bg in his last film 'Black' also, but since the story line was strong, it was not at all a thing to be noticed.But here, only sets in the darkness are there without any storyline.

This drama is picturised in a movie camera by Ravi K Chandran.Art director Omung Kumar has some hard work to do creating the backdrops.I will tell my comments on the hero & heroine once they had completed a project which can be called as a "movie".

I feel pity that i wasted my free time watching 'Sawariya'.

It is the biggest disaster in the bollywood history.

A piece of shit, even if covered with a colorful decorative paper, some perfumes sprayed on
it and kept in a showcase, can be called as shit only...( sorry to use such light words )

Rating : 0 / 5

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syama said...

Hi prasanth,
I have seen the movie and It was really enjoyable and entertaining.While criticizing a movie,u may be more justifiable to the remarks u make.