Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Aayur Rekha

The film 'Aayur Rekha' directed by debutant GM Manu is based on a literary work by writer KK Sudhakaran.Dennis Joseph has provided the screenplay for this subject.He once gave notable big budget hits in malayalam like 'New Delhi','Rajavinte Makan','Indrajalam', 'Nirakkoottu', 'No 20 Madras Mail' etc.This is what gave me some confidence in this project.But in the course of time,at a span of last 6-7years,unfortunately he dont have a big hit to be projected.His recent films 'Vajram', 'Thaskaraveeran', 'Ebraham Lincoln','Chirattakalippatangal' etc are infront of us as examples.

Cinematography of 'Aayur Rekha' is handled by Aanandakuttan,the most experienced cameraman in the South India.Castings include Mukesh,Sreenivasan,Jagathi,Saikumar,Indrajith,Urvasi,LakshmiSharma('Palungu' fame),Jyothirmayi etc.

This film is an investigation subject rolls around the lady lead done by Lakshmi Sharma.She is the owner of a private hospital.She is an open character.She is married and also got a child.Due to some family problems she is seeking divorce from her husband.In the first half she is being linked with many characters through various incidents.This is only to make us confused after she is being murdered at the interval time.Srinivasan is the officer who is conducting the enquiry. In a thrilling second half,he finally reaches the culprit.

After reading these,i think you will be little bit interested in watching this film.It is natural,since investigation thrillers has got a minimum guarantee among the audience.But you will get totally
upset after you have watched 'Aayur Rekha'.

This is due to some of the non sense portions in first half.The film starts with a song in which Mukesh who is the drama musician dancing & singing with extra artists.Also there is another song in which he is dreaming about the lady neighbour played by the heroine.Those two should have been totally avoided.Then about Jagathi's characterisation;it lacks naturality.Though he is from the beginning till end,it is leaving us many questions.

In the second half the film is taking its pace.When it reaches the anti climax scenes where the police finds the culprit,we might have forget about the outcome of the previous session.But again the end climax portion which is a surprise,has resulted in a failure.

Lakshmi Sharma,Sreenivasan & Saikumar has done their roles very well.So a neatly scripted & perfectly edited first half with a believable climax scene would have changed the total quality of 'Aayur Rekha'.

Though 'Aayur Rekha' has got some positives to project,they are covered up and dominated by a bulk of negatives.

Rating : 2 / 5

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