Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan ?

Director Vinayan's latest film 'Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan ?' has got artists like Indrajith,Jayasurya, Manikkuttan,Jagathi,Salimkumar,Bhama('Nivedhyam' fame) & Sherin ('Moonnamathoral' fame).
Among them,the first 3 young guys were introduced to the cine field by the same director once through films like 'Oomappenninu Uriyadappayyan' & 'Boyfriend').

Though title of the film gives us an innocence feeling,its not homely as expected.The pace and the treatment in the opening few scenes (till the flash back starts) carries you to the top of expectations,but as it goes on it leads you to a big downfall.

Hareendran,title role played by Indrajith is the owner of a big IT firm.His close companion from young days Gopalakrishnan,played by Jayasurya who wants to become the executive director of the firm. His only ambition is to earn more & more money,so that he is playing double game with his closefriend.It finally ends in his own murder, leads to an enquiry, finally without much twist & turns, the culprit is caught, hanged to death.The story is not ending there.Finally the public who still feels that Hareendran is the main convict takes the law in hands & he is beaten to death ?!

I cant go without specifying here,a bulk of scenes of this kind which can make the outcome of any film to a tragedy.

The scene in which Hareendran asking his friend GK whether he took a currency bunch of 50,000rs casually and an ordinary reply by the latter as if he took an amount of 50rs is unbelievable.We should realize that we are not living in the year 2070.The biggest contrast here is that,later GK is cheating this close friend with such an attitude, for money.

Moreover It is not good to the see the college scene in which Bhama & her friend talking about former's lover.Here both of them arguing with the same negatives about him at the same time.

Manikuttan's character is a left companion & always like to follow the words of great leader, Cheguvera.We dont understand whether he is serious in his principles.Also by repeatedly using Cheguvera's name and showing him through posters & tshirts,director had made this historic leader a comedy character.

The scenes in which both lovers Bhama & Manikkuttan, travelling in a bike to his native is boring. Only affordable thing happened there is a romantic song 'Kannippene...' (music by Berni Ignateous)

There are many untolerable scenes in the film like the one in which Bhama & Hareendran meets at a hotel,watched by Manikuttan & Salimkumar.Another one is a TV Talkshow where the culprit's father & others discussing and quarelling about the murder issues.There are many scenes in which the incidents are covered through TV news, all those channel backdrops & shots are too amature.

The scenes showing Hareendran's sadness is too lengthy.He is not reacting naturally when a wrong news with his foto came in a newspaper.The scene in which lovers are accepted and being taken to the hotel by her family even after her marriage got stopped is also not sensible.

The hotel song in which all are dancing is picturised in a childish way.We dont know why Bhama who is not there is also placed in few shots.Hearing the voice,its difficult to differentiate whether the singer Rimitomy is talking or singing.

We dont understand the genuinity of hotel dancer role done by Sherin;sometimes she is behaving as if she is innocent,in some other occassions she is going to an extreme end for cheating.

By giving such a climax for the film,we dont know whether the script writer-director is questioning the credibility of judiciary or medias or the public.

Indrajith is like a right man in the wrong party.

Jayasurya's characterisation is incomplete and unnatural; sometimes he is behaving like a comedian,sometimes he is serious,sometimes he is a good friend,sometimes he is a that it goes on.

Manikuttan is good & matured in his appearance.But when he opens his mouth,it reminds us the same 15year old boy in the serial 'Kayamkulam Kochunni'.He totally failed in the dialogue delivery.So the character given to him is too heavy to hold.

Bala,who is the police officer is not a correct choice for such a role.

Bhama,who got a good opening through 'Nivedhyam' is overacting all the time.

This film's story credit goes to Vishnu Vinayan(Junior Vinayan).

He dont need to be desperate, since his father also gave poor films like 'Ayiram Chirakulla Moham', 'Kanyakumariyil Oru Kavitha','Superstar' etc in the beginning of his career.

Since I am not writing a novel,stopping here.

It would have been better if the film was titled 'Satheesh Nair Oru Nishkalangan ?' rather than 'Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan ?'...
(SatheeshNair happened to be the producer of this film)

Rating : 1 / 5

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