Sunday, November 4, 2007

Naalu Pennungal

Once I reached home after watching new malayalam film, 'Naalu Pennungal', one of my friends phoned me & asked,
'How was the movie ?
'I said, 'What to say, film is having 1hr45mnts in length,among them 45mnts is spend for showing road tarring,eating meals etc...'
In reply, he who knows about my blog told me that he is eagerly waiting for my review on 'Naalu Pennungal',also challenged me to write the same words on review.

Though I agreed to do it at that time,I am not specyfying those words here.

Veteran Adoor Gopalakrishnan has scripted & directed 'Naalu Pennungal' based on 4 short stories by notable malayalee writer Thakazhi.The director's last film,'Nizhalkoothu' got released almost four years ago.That film was his first movie to be picturised in Cinemascope and it has got background score by Ilayaraja.

I heard that initially Adoor was planning to take a tele series in Doordarshan based on Thakazhi stories.Later the plan got changed & then this feature film got happened.But what i felt now is that Adoor's choice would have been better if he had picturised these stories for television.
All the stories are happening in the mid century period,the time when our country got freedom.

The first story 'Oru Niyamalanghanathinte Katha' has got artists like Padmapriya, Sreejith Ravi, Sona Nair, Manoj K Jayan & P Sreekumar.Padmapriya has got the role of a sex worker.Road tarring scenes & Court scenes covers the majority of the backdrops here.

The second story 'Kanyaka' has Geethu Mohandas,Nandu & M R Gopakumar in lead roles.The consequences of the marriage happening in a lower middle class family is discussed here.Paddy field scenes & Eating scenes are shown deeply here.

The third story 'Chinna Amma' has Murali, Mukesh & Manjupillai in it.It deals with the problem faced by a middle aged couple after a long run of marriage life.Nothing special to be noted in the story.Also i didn't understand the climax of this story.

The last & lengthy story 'Nithya Kanyaka' has got big starcast like Nanditha das, KPAC Lalitha, Kavyamadhavan, Asokan, Ravi Vallathol, Ramya Nambeesan etc.What happens if an elder member remains unmarried and fedup after all the members in the family got partners is shown here.Most of the time marriages of different members are shown in the background.

We can see all the stories discussing a common fact,the effects and consequences of marriages in different arenas of the society.It is happening in the travancore area almost 50years before.

All the artists has performed based on director's guidance & the outcome is excellent.The Costumes and the Art department has to be appreciated well.The film picturised in Ambalappuzha,in Alappuzha district will give us a nostalgic feel of kerala in the olden days. Adoor's companion for all his projects,cinematographer Mankada Ravivarma is not seen here.It has been compensated through good/calm frame work by MJ Radhakrishnan,who is an unavoidable name in such a stream of films now a days.Background music by Issac Kottukapally is also good.

Most of the situations in the film is not new,it has been seen many times in many films before. Thats why i prefered these to be told in a teleseries format.

On the direction side, I dont know why scenes/shots are deliberately dragged.Adoor has been practising the same throughout his life,but this time some sequences are repetetive and most of
them too slow to be noted.What we can witness is a 'pindrop silence'.Since such films are targeting Film Festivals outside the country, may be this lagging might have created for the viewers to read a subtitle twice or thrice and undertsand the sequence.

As you know, a film like 'Naalu Pennungal' has got a separate audience.While watching it with only 10% of theatre attendance,most of them were restless,some of them screamed,some of them left in the middle,some of them slowly criticised,some of them slept,some of them...

Now you will be feeling that I really dont like watching parallel movies like 'Naalu Pennungal', thats why i had written like this...
sorry,I always loved movies like 'Chidambaram', 'Oridathu', 'Piravi', 'Vidheyan', ' Susanna', 'Danny' etc.

Rating : 2 / 5

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