Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Black Cat

2 weeks before,on a sunday evening,while sitting with the friends,in the middle of a movie related talk,one among the group told that he dont like director Vinayan's films.Me being a lover of films, argued with him by supporting Vinayan's efforts & boldness in doing films like 'Superstar', 'Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum...', 'Independence',
'Karumadikkuttan', 'Akashaganga', 'Dadasahib', 'Oomappenninu...', 'Vellinakshatram', 'Athisayan' etc.Almost all the films directed by Vinayan was quoted there to screw my friend.Though that was not a serious talk,I was partially serious in the attitude of such a director for going behind various themes.

After 2 weeks while watching 'Blackcat',Vinayan's latest venture with Sureshgopi,I was shocked.It is such a poor film that i dont even like to write a review on that.What worries me more is that how can i defend my friend again who is having an upperhand now...

Black is an obedient servant of rich-man Tharakan,played by Rajan P Dev.He is an orderly who behaves childishly,he will do anything for his master if he is given food.(The scenes in which Sureshgopi
eating in bulk quantities is seen many times before & it is not at all realistic) One day when the heroine Meena reached there on a vacation,she realises that Black is the same person who was his lover & died years before.

Thus Black's flashback is shown;He was the Mumbai City Police Commissioner.He conducted enquiry & finds the underworld connection of Mayor,IG & a Political leader.As a result,this honest officer's family is destroyed,he is being killed & thrown to sea...thus reaching the hands of a fisherman,Nedumudivenu who is his current father.Asusual,hero is taking revenge on the villains in the end.

I heard a complaint that,in some of the reviews,i have specified the whole story line of a film.I can
understand the anxiety in each one about a movie before watching it.But if i have told the story,its just to remind you that only this much is there in the film,there is no big thing as you expect.I think sofar i have not revealed any suspense or key portions in a film through my review.So before raising such an issue, you should keep in mind that,if the story is told,it is for your benefit only.Here also I have done the same thing only,i dont want any of you wasting your precious time infront of such an 'animal'.

There is not even a single minute in the film which felt good for me.Sureshgopi's blackish makeup is horrible.(I dont know how he got such a color,the script writer Vinayan should clarify whether it is happened because he was drowned in the sea for hours/days !!!).The second heroine, Karthika is shown in almost all the scenes featuring the seashore people like an extra artist.In most of the scenes she is having no dialogue.Music by MJayachandran & Alphonse together is not enough to pull the film.

Old people says, while traveling, if a cat jumps infront of you then its an unlucky day for you...but if you ever travel infront of the theatre featuring this 'cat',it can be an unlucky month for you.

'Blackcat' has now entered my list of worst films ever produced in malayalam.

Rating : 0.5 / 5


Anonymous said...

Hi readers, this is me, the friend Prasanth is mentioning in the review. I just tried to call him but he is not picking the phone :))

I believe that Vinayan got some serious metal problems. I prefer watching a Shakeela movie than watching a film from Vinayan. The main irony with Vinayan is, he believes that he is a great director and compares himself to Peter Jackson !!!!,seriously in one of his interviews he compared his movie Athisayan to Lord of the Rings.. can you believe this?

I am ready to give half of my salary each month to Vinayan if he promises he wont make any more movies.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% right. Vinayan thinks he is a great director and create flop after flops.. Then he finds some stupid excuses like superstar fans association, rain, etc. etc. for the failure of his films. Malayalis always accepted good films even if super stars are not there. eg: nandanam,classmates etc.. For that Director should know how to make a good movie...