Thursday, October 18, 2007


Mammootty's new film 'Nasrani' has two big names behind the camera.Super senior director in the field Joshi is teaming with the script writer Renjith for the first time.As the name indicates the story happens in the Christian background,Kottayam which is famous for latex & liquor.Mammootty has done such a role before in films like 'Sangham' & 'Kottayam Kunjachan'.In those films we saw a comic based action performance by the star.But here he is more matured,also you can't find big comic moments eventhough action & politics is there.

Most of the scenes in the film is happening in a club.I dont know whether most among us are aware of such a club atmosphere which is crowded in the evenings till late night.Everyday there is parties with liquor,foodings,cards etc.This culture is popular in most of the big towns & cities now a days.You can see people from various range of societies like a businessmen,govt servants,advocates, police officers etc.So such a picture is neatly shown here in detail never as before.

This is a story based on two families in Kottayam.The hero Mammotty and the heroine Vimala Raman happened to be in those families.He is the Club secratary who is pupular among the people in the region while she is the college lecturer.They are in love with each other,the obstacles and hurdles in the happening of their marriage is what 'Nasrani' deals with.But here it is not treated like an usual action film.It is told with the help of a political background.The style of Kerala Congress parties which has got a good base in mid travancore area is targeted here.

You wont be able to count the star cast in such a a real big budjet film like this.It is better to say that only a few actors in malayalam including Mohanlal has not acted in 'Nasrani'.The script writer Renjith has tried to give an individuality for almost all the characters.The opening few scenes involving the main incidents & the scenes in which the hero comes in the helicopter are shown well according to the situation.You cant see many twists & turns here, the family story is told straightly, in between a murder mystery is also discussed.

All the characters in the film has performed well.Among them names like CaptainRaju, Vijayaraghavan, Baburaj & Muktha('Achanurangatha Veedu' fame) to be noted.Camera work by Shaji is excellent.Joshi needed a break after his previous flop 'July 4'.Writer Renjith needed one after many loses in a row like 'Chandrolsavam','Prajapathi' & 'Kaiyoppu'.Mammooty also needs a hit after 'Big B','Mission 90 days' & 'Ore kadal'.This project's outcome can make all of them happy.

Anyway 'Nasrani' is a not a bad film.
I cant smell any distaste here,its upto you to watch & decide.

Rating : 3 / 5

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