Friday, October 19, 2007


Director Shafi is back after his previous hit 'Mayavi'.Here he has the support of producers who has also brought the trend setter film 'Classmates'.Script is written by new comers duo Sachi-Sethu. Another hard work from Prithviraj to write his name in the malayalam cine field where once his father was one among the top of the list.

As the name indicates,'Choclate' is sweety & delicious,this is due to the kind of theme handled here.The script writers has come with a new story never told before,what happens if a male student is given admission for a course in a womens college.This youthful film is handled well by the director.The richness in every frames,with the colorful backdrops shows the directorial skill.

The female roles are done by Roma,Ramya Nambeesan & Samvritha who got introduced in the field through 'Notebook','Anachantham' & 'Rasikan' respectively.These 3 play the role of notorious gang in their college.Among these Roma is leading the show.They want to continue their domination in their college.So when the hero reached the college,how these peoples handles him & how he manages to get through the situation is what discussed here.In the middle there is enimity,love,affection, misunderstandings,emotions etc.

Prithviraj & Roma has done exceptionally well in their roles.Among them,the hero has got some comic & sentimental scenes to do, he has done justice to such a situation also. Jayasurya is also good in his supporting role.Salimkumar,as usual carrying the role through his comic accent.Yesteryear actress Sari who acted in films like 'Namukku parkkan munthirithoppukal', 'Desadanakkili karayarilla' is back through 'Choclate' after a long gap.

Cinematography by Azhakappan is excellent.He has neatly picturised the majority of portions in the film which is happening inside the college. Songs are handled by Alexpaul & Sarath Vayalar.It is not at all good enough to recollect & remember once we reach our home.But while watching the movie its going well with the atmosphere.The song/dance sequences are also colorful & rich.In the songs featuring all the 3,Samvritha's steps & body language felt aukward,but since the centre of attraction is Roma it is managed & left un noticed.

If roles like he has done in 'Choclate' is offered to Prithviraj,then it can be a stepping stone to his stardome.

Rating : 4 / 5


zubin said...

Regarding the timeline of the blogs displayed - on the right hand side at the top:
Is there a way to make the film names appear directly under each month (irrespective of which date it is posted in the month) rather than one more level down under specific dates?

zubin said...

With all due respect, I can't believe a good film critic like you has given a rating 4 to this movie. To a not so intellectual like me who does not understand the cimotagraphy or chorearaphy of movies, this seemed one among the many stupid movies I have seen. The only variety I find here is the theme which seems to be new - guy in a woman's college! There is absolutely no story line, no continuity of scenes and the many pretexts/scenarios created to continue the movie are absolutely nonsense the worst being the last drunken drama act and many others like the fight with the gundas, getting elected as a chairman, a college run by 3 teachers, a principal who has absolutely no say in any matters, a hyped PTA, the role of Jayasuriya etc. etc.! Hope I'm not infuriating you!

This is what I think would have happened, which may not be true and it's just a guess.. You would have gone to see the movie with such low expectations and to your dismay, you find a pretty average movie and much above your expectations, so its natural for the mind to think that the movie itself is above average. Let the expectations not spoil sport with your critic mind.