Friday, August 8, 2008

Mummy 3

Usually there is a belief, taking sequence of a super hit movie is an easy job and a guaranteed bet. But recently I heard a different opinion from a senior script writer in malayalam. He feels that it is risky and at the same time its not easy also, may be such a project will get advantage on the commercial side, since the atmosphere is already in the mind of audience and the expectations are high.

I don’t know whether English people goes behind such superstitious things while making a movie, but they hold the record for maximum sequels ( series ) subjects. Some of the examples are ‘Indiana Jones’ , ‘Jaws’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Evil Dead’, ‘Police Story’, ‘Matrix’, ‘Spiderman’, ‘Batman’, ‘MI’ etc... Like that, the third one in the ‘Mummy’ series, ‘Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’ is also released.

Brendan Fraser, the hero in ‘Mummy’ series and many other characters is seen here also. Other than that, this movie has got an extra bonus to project. Jet Li, the Asian super hero is doing an important character in ‘Mummy 3’. He is the cruel emperor in the old periods and he is the one who comes in the negative role of mummy here.

This time the hero’s son is discovering the mummy which is lying under the sand in the desert. Finally the team including his parents reaches the place, at the same time the soldier general who is also the villain came to the spot, there is a fight happening between the groups, in the end the victory comes for one side as expected...

There is too much of computer graphics and visual effects in this movie. We, the Indians has given the maximum liberty for the Hollywood films to create super human unnatural sequences, as a result we can see 3-4 people fighting against a million, the hero will be safe even after affected by a volcano or an earth quake etc.

Combination scenes between the hero and the wife creates a lag, since we don’t want to see them discussing family matters in such an atmosphere ( the problem usually faced by a “malayalee” while following English dialogues in such a pace can also be a reason...! ) The snow fighting sequences is also not created extraordinarily. Jet Li is there with his fabulous charisma.

If you feel, watching ‘Mummy’ series is a prestige, then no need to miss ‘Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’...

Rating : 3 / 5

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