Thursday, August 28, 2008


The new action subject in malayalam, ‘Aayudham’ has got a tag line to project – it says “weapon the destroyer”. No need for a second thought, who is the hero. It is the same Suresh Gopi, who once again coming in the police officer role. Sometimes I feel, the world record for a hero acting in a police officer’s role in as many films should be hold be the one and only Suresh Gopi .

The film is directed by MA Nishad. He is not a new person to the field. He has directed two films like ‘Nagaram’(Kalabhavan Mani) and ‘Pakal’ (Prithviraj) before. None of them were hits, but film is a medium which will help a creator to communicate with the public. In that sense he should be appreciated for taking socially relevant themes for those films. Years before, he came to the field as a producer, delivering films like ‘Oral Mathram’ (Mammootty) and ‘Dreams’ (Suresh Gopi).

As we have seen many times, ‘Aayudham’ also starts with a bomb blast and some innocent people were arrested as culprits. In the end due to heavy demand from the public, the chief minister handed over the case to a new police officer. How this police officer goes through the case and fights against the enemies is what shown here.

Though the creator claims in the beginning, “All characters in the film are fictitious...”, the chief minister role done by Thilakan is a pure replica of the real life CM. He has done well in such a role, but on most occasions we feel a mimic effect. For Suresh Gopi, a cop’s role is a left hand job through the experience.

The film doesn’t have freshness. Without an effective script, it felt like an average action masala in the 90’s only. I always support the visual gimmicks in an action film shown with the camera and the editor, if the subject demands. But here you can’t find any such things.

No need to be desperate if you have not seen ‘Aayudham’; It is the same weapon you have witnessed in different names before.

Rating : 2 / 5

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