Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Maya Bazar

In these days, after suffering from the most shocking incident 'Parunthu', I read somewhere that Mammootty is doing a comedy role once again. Anyway I clarified it with a friend of mine who is a hard core Mammootty fan. I asked, why such a great actor goes behind such projetcs. The reply was simple. Look at the victorious track record of the star in the previous 3-4years. He also quoted the examples of 'Thommanum Makkalum', 'Thuruppugulan', 'Mayavi' and 'Annan Thambi'. I kept silent, no scope for an argument.

Many directors has got the oppurtunity to caste Mammootty as the hero in their first film.
Lal Jose ('Oru Maravathoor Kanavu'), Joemon ('Samrajyam'), Blessy ('Kazcha'), G.S.Vijayan ('Charithram'), Dennis Joseph ('Manu Uncle'), Anwar Rashid ('Rajamanikyam') etc. are some of them. The latest one to enter the list is George Sebastian through 'Maya Bazar'. He was once asssociate to directors like Sibi Malayil, Blessy etc.

'Maya Bazar' is the place where the hero Ramesan lives. He is a mechanic who is also doing sales of vehicle bodies and spare parts. As usual we can see companions like Suraj Venjarammod, Salim Kumar and Bijukuttan for comedy sequences (deliberately created !!!). The heroine, new face Sheela lives with her mother in a small house. She is very much fond of the (glamorous) hero. Though she has not got anything to perform, she managed to beg the hero all the time to love her and to marry her in each and every scenes. The villain (Kalabhavan Mani) also lives in the locality for the action scenes.

Our hero is a kind hearted man who helps the poor patients and the orphans. In the introduction scene itself, one such person describes him as the 'God'. In another area, heroine tells him that he is the most beautiful man not only in the village, but in the whole country. Those might be the contribution from 'the great script writer', TA Razak ?! ( To be honest, witnessing such similar scenes, the image of south indian actors like MGR, Sivaji, NTR, Rajkumar etc came to my mind, they were all heroes in their old age at their 50's and 60's...)

The first half featuring the comedy/action scenes is very difficult to tolerate. The scenes discussing the family issues of Bijukuttan, the item song lady praising our hero as the young man etc are indigestible. It is a bad custom to follow these days, Suraj Venjarammood placed as a shadow in all scenes without having any dialogue and in the post production time, during dubbing, some jokes are uncultivated as a background sound.

A different turning point which the story writers Govind Vijayan got during the interval time lacks consistency, as it is not carried smoothly through the later portions. Due to the entry of another villain, the villain in the first half turns to a positive role. Anyway story is a happy ending...!!! ( Are we all happy ? Just keep in mind, what is happening in our neighboring state; 'Saroja', 'Subramaniapuram'...). The simplicity in acting of hero's second character is notable.

Rahul Raj has scored the music. 'Mizhiyil Mizhiyil' song, especially the chorus portion sung by him is good. Mohan Sitara's re-recording goes well with the mood. Manoj Pillai is the cinematographer. Bijithbala team has given a different and unusual computer graphics at its best for the title credits.

Films like 'Maya Bazar' never belong to the category of realistic films, rather it seems to be a hero oriented subject incorporated with some childish non sensible ingredients.

Rating : 2 / 5

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Jibu Elias said...

I completely agree with your review.when the hell will guys like Mammooty realise their mistakes doing such shit films!! I doubt not just doubt but it can be assumed that Mammootty had great part in direction and script. I was embarrased to watch the actor who bagged couple of bharat award doing this film... I totally believe that the fans are big ass!!!