Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Directed Jayaraj who was once associate to Bharathan has got a peculiar fame for the diversity of projects he has done so far. He came to the field through ‘Vidyarambham’ and has travelled through variety areas like 'Aakasakkottayile Sulthan', ‘Kudumbasametham’, ‘Johnwalker’, ‘Sopanam’, ‘Paithrikam’, ‘Highway’, ‘Deshadanam’, ‘Arabia’, 'Kaliyattom', ‘Sneham’, ‘Thilakkam’, ‘Shaantham’, ‘4 the people’ series, 'Rain Rain Come Again', 'Beebatsam' etc. Though the majority of the films are not big budget, many of these films may not be financially benefitted; still the director’s name is notable due to the selection of theme of these projects. He has also introduced many peoples like Lal ('Kaliyattom'), Ranji Panicker ('Aakasakkottayile Sulthan'), Jassie Gift and Narein ( '4 the people').

His latest project, ‘Gulmohar’ is different in its name and some other factors. Script writer – Director Ranjith is acting as a hero for the first time. Deedhi Damodharan, daughter of veteran script writer T.Damodaran has written this project. ONV – Johnson is teaming up in the music section after a short gap. This is a film with no re-recording (background music); rather the scenes are supported by background sounds and effects.

The story of the film starts in the emergency period of the 70’s and it ends in the current scenario. The naxal activist, with the name Gulmohar and his group (Sidhiq, Meghanadhan, Nishanth Sagar) act against the confusions and disorders prevailed in the society. They are using non aggressive methods like street dramas, plays etc to fight against the injustice. Their activities (which were banned by the ruling government) ran based on the messages passed from one area to other through their beloved ones and well wishers. At one moment they even killed those people who were involved in cruel and brutal activities against the poor. Most of them had spent many years suffering in jail.

In the current period, the hero is a school head master. He is having a family; his wife is a government servant and also got a son and daughter. People like him who has got seen and experienced many bitter experiences in the past is very bold, but still he cries hearing other’s sadness. So as a result in the current society when the people needs justice, in his old age he even forget his family, kids and goes to his old style of fighting for the justice.

The characterisation of Ranjith is good. His performance is stable and it also doesn’t give us the feeling that he is a new face. He has got a fine physique and excellent voice.

M.J.Radhakrishnan has given neat and natural frames as the cinematographer. Johnson’s melodious tunes in his style carry us to the golden 80’s. Ajith George has done an excellent job as mixing engineer.

Jayaraj’s slow and leisurely style of shots in the beginning portions creates little lag, later it takes its own pace. There is also some mismatching regarding the period in which story happens. But this slow film won’t make you boring. His attempt to caste new faces in the main roles and to create the first copy without background music should be appreciated.

‘Gulmohar’ is a different film, but in the middle of big budget “masala” projects, there won’t be enough space for it to stay alive. Here it is not the survival of the fittest.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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Gulmohar’ is a different film, but in the middle of big budget “masala” projects, there won’t be enough space for it to stay alive. Here it is not the survival of the fittest.