Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kathalil Vizhunthen

Though the shooting completed an year before, the film ‘Kathalil Vizhunthen’ is released only now amidst of some tensions prevailing between the ruling party in TN and the production banner. Sun TV, the biggies in the media field is producing the film. As the name says, this is a love subject. It is the story of two lovers and their romantic journey. Nagulan (’Boyz’ fame) and new face Sunaina holds the main characters. Debutant PV Prasad has directed the movie. Vijay Milton is the cinematographer.

To be getting interested in such a project, there should be something unusual in it which can be distinguished from others. Here it is in the form of a fast folk song, “Nakku Mukku...”. The song which comes in the genre of “Manmadha Raasa...”, “Kumbidapona Daivam...” etc is a hit even before the release of the film.

In the beginning the lovers being chased by the villains at night, enters a train, TTE helps them by giving a seat. The hero narrates their life story to him, hero who belongs to the lower middle class family and the girl from the upper class loved each other, after some happiness and hazards they reached such a situation.

They met each other through an accident caused due to the carelessness of the lady in which the hero is the victim. The first half is having songs and similar situations that are necessary for a love subject’s cliché. But in the second half when the narration reaching its climax, then only we are able to understand the abnormality in the behaviour of the hero. I am not going in detail, since that is the peculiarity of this subject. In the later portions the family along with the police are chasing them, whether they got succeeded in their love is what the new director has shown in 'Kathalil Vizhunthen.

Nagulan who hasn’t got a good break after ‘Boyz’, will be noticed hereafter. He has changed a lot from the bulky appearance in his first movie. Sunaina has also done well. Vijay Antony has given some good music; he himself has sung the “Nakku Mukku...” song. The choreography by Sridhar for this peppy song is brilliant (I was a witness for the big claps and dances inside the theatre for it). Fight sequences are also notable. Livingston and Sampathraj have also got prominent characters.

The sequences in the second half has got the flavour of movies like ‘Guna’ and ‘7G Rainbow Colony’. The script writer - director has justified the reason for the irregularity in hero’s character and his unique affection through an example from a doctor’s description. It can be taken as a way of expressing the freedom of the creator.

‘Kathalil Vizhunthen’ is a love story with an unusual story line. That can be irresistible sometimes, but it won’t keep you boring.

Rating : 3 / 5

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