Monday, October 6, 2008


Hindi film field can be categorized into different sections based on the making of films. The first one is the usual pattern of romantic family series like ‘Dilwale...’, ‘Hum Aap Ke...’, Kuch Kuch...’ from directors like Karan Johar, Subash Ghai, Sooraj Bharjathya etc; the other area is a realistic set of actions films from directors like Ram Gopal Varma, Madhur Bhandarkar etc. Directors like Priyadarshan and David Dhavan will go with comedy films. There is also another set of directors like Abbaz-Mustan, Prakash Jha, Mahesh Bhatt etc. which give a variety of action-romantic movies. The treatment and style of first 3 sections of films is very familiar and predictable. ‘Kidnap’ is a kind of movie which belong to the last category.

Imran Khan (Amir Khan’s nephew who got a big introduction through ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’) and Sanjay Dutt is teaming under Sanjay Gandhwi ( director of ‘Dhoom’ series) in this new action film which can caught attention with its name itself. From the name of the film and its promo ads itself the story line is predictable. A kidnap and its after-effects is the baseline. Only we have to find what, when and where it happened and how it is solved.

Daughter of a big multi millionaire is kidnapped by the hero; the father tries his best to save her, in the middle the kidnapper also helps him by giving clues about his shelter, investigations are also going on, usual cliché of the hostage lady getting sympathy with him is also there since both of them know each other through an accident happened in their childhood days and finally a happy ending for them, but for the audience it is not like that...

The film has got a good plot to make it a thriller. (I think the idea might have adapted from some foreign films). But the creators in the script and the direction side have failed miserably to make it in a cinematic way. It is very clear from the scene in which heroine asks, “What happened to me...who are you “for which the hero replies, “You are kidnapped ...!” (it is a childish way of representation)
Also the situation in which the heroine’s father acts as per instructions of the kidnapper is too difficult to digest. The chasing between those two people is good, but unbelievable. There are many scenes of this type. The reason for the kidnap is an incident happened to the hero in his childhood days, it is horrible. The family scenes of the heroine are terrible. The climax is also bad.

Imran Khan is a wrong choice for such a role. It is better if he could discuss with his senior before choosing a role. Minisha Lamba, the heroine ('Bachna ye Haseeno', 'Corporate' fame) has given some sea-bath sequences.

Only good thing in the whole movie is the title portion which is done in computer graphics using drawing stills mixed with background effects and music.

We are all free birds, we got the liberty to choose...By watching ‘Kidnap’, why you want to be like a hostage in the theater at least for 2 hours ?!

Rating : 1.5 / 5

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