Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Parthan Kanda Paralokam

Reading my review on 'Veruthe Oru Bharya', a negative response came for quoting all the names of the flop films by Jayaram there. Still I fel that what all I have written there was a true facts, the film might be a hit, but thats a different topic to discuss.

Jayaram's new film 'Parthan Kanda Paralokam' (though it is a late release by 10-14 months) came at a time when the hero enjoying the victory of his projects like 'Veruthe Oru Bharya' and 'Saroja'.

The film is directed by Anil. After getting separated from the hit-duo Anil-Babu, he has managed to give only below average films like 'Lokanathan IAS', 'Kalabham', 'Anjil Oral Arjunan' etc. The film is produced by KB Madhu ( director of 'Chitrasalabham', 'Deepasthambham Mahascharyam' and 'Deepangal Sakshi') and scripted by Vinu Kiriyath. Camera is handled by the 'veteran' Anandakuttan (since came to the field in the late 70's, the world record for handling the camera for maximum number of films should go for this senior cinematographer).

This is a village story, hero and his uncle (Jagathi) are quarreling each other to attain the power
of the temple trust. Such sequences goes through some usual non standard comedy sequences till first half. In the middle, heroine (Sreedevika) who is an advocate comes for her father's help against hero. Her hatred towards the hero later turns to sympathy and love. Local MLA also joins the villain side. In the last scenes, Kalabhavan Mani comes to win the heart of the heroine, his character has got an unusual female oriented mannerism.

'Parthan Kanda Paralokam' has got a different element to project in the first half. Parthan who is a non devotee met with an accident, he is died, later recovers from a temporary death of few minutes. The issue made him think of the presence of God Sreekrishna. Now the 'God' takes the role of his friend Madhavan (Mukesh), he is the man who is having some super powers also. In some scenes, he even quote the lines of Bhagavat Geetha to substantiate the facts. In this way the second half goes.

Sona, the item-glamor girl ('Mrigam', 'Kuselan' fame) is there in all scenes from the beginning to end. I dont know what is her relevance in this story. It is like the 'dog' character in the comic series 'Bobanum Moliyum'. Anyway she has tried her best to (re)act well. Rajendran who comes in MLA's role is too dramatic.

Kalabhavan Mani's characterization itself is childish.Background theme of 'Pennale Pennale...' song for his character should have been avoided, Musician Rajamani is the culprit here.

Jassie's 'Goukulapalabalaka...' song for M.Jayachandran's music is a fast paced hit number.

To do a different story is good, but before going for such experimentation, story writer KB Raju might have studied films like 'Lagey Raho Munnabhai', 'Nandanam' etc in deep.

This is a wrong film for Jayaram at his right time.

'Parthan Kanda Paralokam' is not so colorful. The journey to such a place wont be so easy as you think. Still you want to take the risk, carry on...

Rating : 2 / 5


Anonymous said...

It's a nice film... which have message, humour and distracting element (Sona)...

maya said...

Parthan Kanda Paralokam isnot film its taken only 4 "women pupose"Its not comedy film its horror film

JK said...

good & bad