Thursday, October 16, 2008


To make a sequel film using a popular character is supposed to be a sure bet. Many films in malayalam were done in this manner, most of them were hits, a very few of them failed miserably. Some of the examples are Balram (‘Avanazhi’, ’Inspector Balram’, ‘Tharadas vs Balram’), Dasan and Vijayan (‘Nadodikkattu’, ’Pattanapravesam’, ‘Akkare Akkare Akkare’), Sethuramayyar (‘Oru CBI Diarykuruppu’, ’Jagratha’, ‘Sethuramayyar CBI, ‘Nerayiyan CBI’), Tharadas (‘Athirathram’, ‘Tharadas vs Balram’), Mangalassery Neelakantan (‘Devasuram’, ’Ravanaprabhu’), Bharatchandran (‘Commissioner’, ‘Bharatchandran IPS’) etc. Like these, the latest character to be remade is Major Mahadevan by Mohanlal from ‘Keerthichakra’, the name of its sequel being ‘Kurushetra’.

The film is based on Kargil attack which happened in the mid 1999. Here the main character is now promoted as Colonel Mahadevan. What happened for him and his battalion and how they got victory over the invaded Pak troupes is the theme that the script writer - director Major Ravi has tried to communicate here.

There is nothing big to be projected in the story line. Some of the military team members and their family affection are shown in advance to create the sentiments in the later hours. Some of them wait patiently for a letter from their house, a few quarrel with their family members through phone, some of them waiting for their marriage... with such ambitions all of them lead a life in the border. In that time the war comes, many of them lost their lives and some of them seriously wounded... anyway in the end, victory comes on the way of our hero's party. I am not taking it lightly, it is a fact that such films with military concepts are made within a usual and particular perspective only.

The first few scenes till the hero is introduced is too dull and boring. It includes a song also featuring the military peoples. The discussion and sharing of family issues - sentiments is repetitive. There is no answer for Cochin Haneefa’s character to be promoted as a military member from the tea shop owner in ‘Keerthichakra’. To mimic the voice of the Prime Minister speaking to the hero through phone is ok, but to use the name Vajpayee shows the non professionalism. Also repeating Mushraff’s name throughout the dialogue in place of Military General / President is not a good custom. Lip movements of malayalee nurse character as Manikkuttan’s heroine is awkward and it clearly indicates that she is a north Indian. The method used by the muslim members in the Indian troupe to capture the enemy post in the climax is non practical and foolishness. Overdose of regional language is there, but it is digestible since this film is targeting the Kerala audience.

But the director has succeeded in creating patriotism among the viewers in most of the scenes. He has also shown what is happening at the LOC to a certain extend. The war sequences is good, though it is have done within the limits. The scud missile shots is not clear and understandable. Also the sounds of war planes are heard in some scenes though it is not used in the particular shot.

As a director, it is time for Major Ravi to do a theme other than military operation for his next project. He has proved that choosing such themes is a sure bet sometimes and not all the time (‘Mission 90days’). Mohanlal has done well. Lokanathan is the cinematographer. Songs by new music director Sidharth Vipin is not so impressive.

(Personally, I am unhappy with the approach to support usual hero oriented subjects and its cliche after eliminating good films like ‘Thirakkadha’)

‘Kurushetra’ is a different old wine in the same bottle.

Rating : 3 / 5

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Anonymous said...

hai prasasanth,
ur words r absolutly carrect,
but one thing,dont forget
it is only only a malayalam cinema,
not like saving private ran films.
basically shall we appreciating the mind of making and risk of effert,so that cinema need the mark4.25/5

good luck