Friday, October 10, 2008


Like the Kapoor family in the 70’s – 80’s, now the maximum business of the bollywood revolves around the Bachan family. Amitabh, Jaya & Abhishek Bachans with Aiswarya Rai are those busy personalities. So naturally any new project from this family will be in the news even before its release.

‘Drona’, the name of the new Abhishek starrer film is a different name which can give a historic feeling. The film starts with the description telling the fight between the Royal family and the villain magician. The latter in search of something called “Amruth” which can give him super powers. The picture representation shows as if they are happened centuries before.

In the current period the story happens in London. Our hero is the adopted son of a middle class family. (His younger brother has got the body language and actions which has the resemblance of superstar Sharukh Khan. He is shown possessive and coward in nature; the characterisation itself shows the rivalry between Khan & the Bachans).

The villain magician (K.K.Menon) lives in a palace where there is full of special effects and light works (?) He might be cruel in behaviour, but his makeup, hair style and use of eye lashes gives us a comedy atmosphere and a funny feeling. He is chasing the hero, tries to put him in his captivity. The heroine (Priyanka Chopra) saves the hero from the villain gang. (She is never attractive or charming, rather her attitude is manly).

We don’t understand where this story is happening. It is the problem with many bollywood movies, some scenes are shown in abroad, some others in a metro city in India and some portions will be in a rural village. Here also such doubts arise, but the confusion in the complex atmosphere and its non attractive presentation will dominate such silly doubts.

Hero and the heroine reaches the royal family, they meet his mother (Jaya Bachan). She briefs the history. Mean while villain reaches there and made the mother a statue with his evil powers. I am not interested to go to the story side in detail. After many magical fights and train-horse chase scenes finally the bad personality is destroyed. In the end, hero is dead for certain minutes, he rises up again for the revenge and mother also gets her life back when the villain is dead.

There is not a single scene in ‘Drona’ which can attract you. It is too boring and irresistible. Even the visual effects in the magic sequences will make you restless. Goldie Behl, the director has to do much homes works if he wants to take another film. Music section is also weak.

If you are not getting sound sleep, then watching ‘Drona’ is a good medicine for it.

Rating : 1 / 5

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