Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jayam Kondaan

Tamil film field has got its own identity due to the variety of projects and the way in which they are produced. Sometimes they will give us an extra ordinary storyline, if not a simple subject will be presented in an entirely different manner. Anyway they will attract crowd to the theatres and the audience won’t hesitate to accept the best

Director R.Kannan’s debut film ‘Jayam Kondaan’ featuring Vinay (‘Unnale Unnale’ fame) and Bhavana is a family oriented film with a mix of romance, songs , friendship, sentiments, action, comedy etc. Kannan who was assistant to Maniratnam has given the film in a usual but lovable way (the latter’s treatment is not complex compared to former’s style).

Hero comes to his native to settle there after serving years in abroad. After reaching there, he came to know that there is another family who claims to have the ownership of his father’s properties. So how he face the problems on the way is shown here. The storyline may not be new, but the treatment is simple and straight and it won’t keep you boring. Can you assume this situation in malayalam, then it might be the origin (end) of another c-grade comedy film.

There are a couple of scenes in the film which will keep you mum. The interval fighting scene with the villain and the climax is notable. Kishorekumar (‘Pollathavan’ fame) who comes in the role of villain is different in his style. Bhavana is charming in her role. Lekha, the new face who acted as hero’s sister is there in the dominant nature. She is the one who is fighting against the brother for the wealth. Vivek & Santhanam is there for comedy sequences. Vinay, the tall hero has done the role with ease.

Balasubramanyam has handled the camera well. The visuals in the songs are appealing. Vidyasagar has given some nice songs.

‘Jayam Kondaan’ is a watchable movie for all classes.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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