Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Raaman Thediya Seethai

Cheran is popular as an actor through his hit film ‘Autograph’. Even 10 years before he is known as a director who took socio relevant subjects like, ‘Bharathi Kannamma’, ‘Porkkalam’, ‘Desiyageetham’, ‘Vetrikkodi Kettu’, ‘Pandavarbhoomi’, ‘Thavamai Thavamirunthu’ etc. He has acted in movies like ‘Solla Marantha Kadhai’, ‘Pirivom Santhippom’ etc which are done by some other directors.

Moserbaer Entertainments has produced ‘Raaman Thediya Seethai’. Jagannath, who gave the film 'Puthiya Geethai' with Vijay, has directed this film. Vimala Raman, Ramya Nambeesan, Gajala, Navya Nair and Karthika (new face) are the heroines.

As the name of the film indicates the film deals with the searching of a girl for the hero to marry. Years ago in his earlier college days he has undergone treatment for his mental disorder. Now he is a perfect gentleman who is also running his own business tells this fact to the first lady he met, she (Vimala Raman) disagrees to marry him. At last his marriage is fixed, on the day she (Ramya Nambeesan) ran with her lover. The proposed girl’s father (Manivannan) is very much sad at this incident and he took initiative to search a bride for him.

Hero, who is frustrated, met a blind (Pasupathy) who is a Jockey in an FM radio. He lives with his wife (Gajala) and kid. He advised the hero not to be failed in such tough moments; he even motivated him by telling his whole story.

As per request from second girl’s father both of them reaches Nagercoil to see another girl (Karthika). The rest of the story happens there. He saw the girl, she wants sometime to understand each other. In the middle he comes across the second girl who ran with the lover. She is alone, her husband is in jail and she is pregnant now. Without informing her father, hero helps her. In the same town he met the first girls who refused to marry him and as per request from his blind friend he decided to meet another girl who is a police inspector (Navya Nair). So with all the ladies roaming around the hero in the same city, who will the hero ties the knot is the theme of ‘Raaman Thediya Seethai’.

Cheran has done a good job in his typical style. The characterisation of Pasupathy and Manivannan are excellent. Both of them done well, Pasupathy’s actions and gestures in the blind character is notable. He gives the life to the story in the first half. The situation, in which “Unnal Mudiyum Thambi...” song is played in the background, shows the will power of the character.

The film’s story in the second half has got a bulk of coincidences. Hero meeting the lady who ran with her lover, He meets the auto driver who happens to be the lover of the proposed lady, He meets the lady again who refused to marry him in the beginning, He is also beaten accidently by another lady whom he want to meet regarding proposal matter etc. Anyway it is such a story and it is such a film, we have to accept it.

Vidyasagar has given a couple of good numbers. Rajesh Yadav is the cinematographer. Script writer – director Jagannath has presented the film in a believable way.

‘Raaman Thediya Seethai’ is hero’s difficult search for a bride; but it gives some messages in the middle. It can give worries and at the same time hope for bachelors who want to lead a marriage life.

Rating : 3 / 5

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