Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is the first tamil film in this newyear as Pongal release. After the hit movie ‘Pokkiri’, Vijay once again acts under director Prabhudeva. This time he has got Nayatara as his pair for the first time. Vadivelu, Prakashraj etc are there to support them. The film is produced by Ayngaran International.

As every Vijay film starts this movie also starts with the big introduction for the hero through the fight sequence (by action director Fefsi Vijayan), followed by a song “Rama Rama...” (music by Devi Sri Prasad and choreographed by Ashok Raja). The hero helps the police in capturing a criminal. It is shown through some of the chasing scenes in racing scooters through the sea. This shows the bravery of the hero and it lefts some questions about his identity. He reaches the village, sees the heroine at a function there, get in love with her. Vadivelu is there for the comic scenes. Though such scenes are deliberately created, it creates some laughter most of the time. The director has also copied the chain kissing comedy sequence from the climax of Priyadarshan’s movie ‘Vettam’ as it is. Nayantara’s glamour has been utilized the most in first half.

In the second half the hero reaches abroad to see the heroine’s father (Prakashraj), who is a big business tycoon. From there, the story is getting some twist and turns. The hero has got a flashback to tell. His father is being killed by his coworkers. So as expected, after many years he is here to take revenge on them. In between, misunderstanding with heroine happens, later it is solved when she knew about his real life story, songs, fights etc…until the villain is being destroyed.

A colleague of mine recently told that she don’t like Vijay films, I crossed it by telling that they are all entertainers, so no need to look for logic here, but the reply I got was different, “the hero is coming in his usual get-up only in all his films”. Yes, here also we can see Vijay in his usual body language, in his usual style. He tried to do something different in his flashback character, but that doesn’t suits him well.

I don’t know why Vijay is going behind remake stories again and again, ‘Ninaithen Vandhaay’, ‘Friends’, ‘Gilli’, ‘Kadhalukku Mariyadhai’, ‘Priyamanavale’, ‘Badri’, ‘Aadhi’, ‘Pokkiri’, ‘Villu’…the list goes on. Some of them are hits and some are not. In ‘Villu’, Vijay took the remake of hindi film ‘Soldier’ by Bobby Deol. The writer-director Prabhudeva has added some unwanted elements also to make the impure environment more polluted. The scene in which the hero imitating MGR's scene as it is, will give the audience a chance to compare the performance of both and come with a result that this junior is no where near his super senior. The comedy scene of Vadivelu in the second half,fighting with the cow (in graphics) is stupid. It shows the weakness in the story side. The climax in which the villain is destroyed in front of the mother resembles some of the old hindi films. Anyway the second half is complicated, not appealing, so it may be difficult to tolerate.

Devi Sree Prasad has given some catching numbers according to the mood. But the biggest upset is that some of the songs are not visualized to the top level as we expected, (it is notable since the film’s director himself is an excellent dancer/choreographer). Camera by Ravivarman (‘Dasavatharam’ fame) is good.

This ‘Villu’ is not a good weapon to use. But if you are an ultimate fan of Vijay, then try it.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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