Thursday, June 24, 2010

Irumbukkottai Murattusimham

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Lawrence, Nasser, Saikumar, Padmapriya, Lakshmi Rai, Sandhya
Director : Chimbudevan

Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar, Sabesh - Murali (bg score)

Chimbudevan, a student from the school of directors like Cheran and Murugadass, had directed notable movies like 'Himsai Arasan 23aam Pulikeshi' and 'Arai En305il Kadavul' (both produc
ed by director Shankar). Those films became notable due to the uniqueness in the theme it handled. It looks like the director is still not having belief in the star oriented subjects made in conventional style. His new movie has got actor-choreographer turned director Raghava Lawrence ('Muni', 'Style' fame) in the lead role and the subject titled 'Irumbukkottai Murattusimham' is also a different one, as it discusses the cowboy type spoof subject which happened in the olden days. Azhagappan ('Kazhcha', 'Chaandupottu', 'Manassinakkare' fame) is the cinematographer here.

The movie starts with the description of the director regarding the different c
ow boys happened in the past in different languages countries. The hero Singamuthu (Lawrence) is about to be hanged by the court for being involved in a diamond robbery. At that time, a group (Mouli, Ramesh Khanna, Vyapuri, Ilavarasu) reached there and saved him. In return, they need a help from him. Singamuthu has to act like Murattusimham (a courageous local leader, who is no more), as both of them are having identical looks. Thus the ordinary guy decided to act as the brave hero when the group promised him to give the diamond that is necessary to prove his innocence in court. The group given him training and thus he decides to fought against the cruel leader (Nasser) of the next village and his assistant (Saikumar), who had kept some of the villagers behind the bars. They will be freed only when Singamuthu and others bring the treasure by traveling a long way using clues obtained in the map. The search for treasure is shown in the later portions of 'Irumbukkottai Murattusimham'.

Such a different attempt should be appreciated, but the film is not the best when co
mpared to the previous films by the same director. The locations used here are good. With the immense support of art director Muthuraj, costume designer Sai and cinematographer Azhagappan, the director had succeeded in creating the environment required for implementing the story. The editor Raja Mohammed had also done his job well. Though G.V.Prakash Kumar has not given memorable songs, Sabesh - Murali compensated it by giving the bg score that matches the mood to the best way it can. Some of the areas should be noted like the name given to different villages in the form of Jayashankarpuram, USApuram, Vegeterianpuram etc, the references of actors Harrison Ford, Amitabh Bachan etc, the behaviour of the translater character, the description regarding the shadows of the hero, the song sequence before the hanging, the horse riding sequences etc.

The lack of stability in the story side is evident. The area where the treasure hunt happens in the later portions, lags here and there. The performance of Lawrence in the lead role is average only, the comic behavior of the telugu actor Saikumar sometimes doesn't suits. Padmapriya and Lakshmi Rai have done their role well.

'Irumbukkottai Murattusimham' is a different attempt which can be watched keeping in mind about the kind of theme it handles.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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