Thursday, June 3, 2010

Green Zone

Medium : English
Starring : Matt Damon, Brendan Gleeson, Amy Ryan
Director : Paul Greengrass

Neither the title of the new English film, 'Green Zone', nor the war based theme in whic
h the film handles, attracted me in watching it. When I came to know that the film is directed by Paul Greengrass, the man who gave good action films like 'Bourne Identity', 'Bourne Supremacy' and 'Bourne Ultimatum', my interest in it gradually raised. The film is inspired from a book named 'Imperial Life in the Emerald City' written by journalist Rajiv Chandrasekharan, which discusses the American attack on Iraq in 2003. Matt Damon who has acted as Bourne character in the director's previous films like 'BI', 'BS' and 'BA', comes in the lead role here.

Miller (Matt Damon), is the Chief military officer of the squad, who are involved in the
searching of weapon of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. Every time the group returns empty handed after operation and Miller blames the failure of the intelligence for such happenings. He suspects something fishy behind this, but no one is ready to hear his words. He shares his views with the CIA agent (Brendan Gleeson) in Baghdad. A journalist (Amy Ryan) helps them to find the source of the fake news regarding WMD. Now Miller decides to find the reason for the war, he is being assisted by a local guy. At the same time, top official who were involved in the conspiracy, tried to block Miller with the help of the army troupes. Nearing the climax, the army searches for the Iraqi Army General hiding in covers. At last the army got succeeded in finding the General and killing him, but the question is that what was the reason for the war ?

The cinematographer Barry Ackroyd ('Hurt Locker' fame) needs special mention, as each and every shots gives us a live feeling. The scenes were shot by taking camera on hands, thus you can't witness a single still shot here. One may raise a complaint that it is giving a documentary feel. Even the Oscar winning movie, 'Hurt Locker' belongs to such a category. It is a fact that, sometimes the movement in each and every frames can lead to head ache also. The location used here is also real. We can't say whether a single scene has been shot outside Iraq. Matt Damon has done well in the lead role. The Iraqi guy, who came as assistant to Miller is also realistic.

The director's extreme boldness in taking such a theme for this film which has been a sensitive issue in the media, all
over the world, should be appreciated. Even though the question on war is still an unanswered one by those responsible, to make it on an international medium of expression like 'movie', needs countless praising.

'Green Zone' is an action thriller that questions one of the biggest human massacres that happened in the last 10 years by the US army in Iraq.

Rating : 7 / 10

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