Monday, May 31, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Soorya, Anushka, Prakashraj, Vivek, Nasser
Director : Hari
Music : Devisree prasad

Most of us are aware about the tensed atmosphere existing in the malayalam cine industry
between different organizations related to the producers, distributors, technicians, actors etc. Some of the problems that came to the lime light are the high production cost of the films, issue of distributor's share from the theaters, theater's demand to cut short the entertainment tax, ban on a senior actor, ban on certain actors from doing shows in mini screens etc. In the middle, there is another serious issue that has been carelessly handled by them or avoided by most of us; It is regarding the release of other language films in our state. There exists an informal ban in the release of tamil-hindi films here, we will be able to watch such films only after two weeks from its original release date. Those who were responsible for this, were unable to control the arrival of films like 'Sura' and 'Kites', but succeeded in the case of the popular actor Soorya's new film 'Singam', even if it is produced by Reliance and distributed by Sun Pictures.

No such ban affects film-freaks like me and since I am lucky enough to be in the border district, I fulfilled my wish by traveling an hour to a theater situated in the neighboring state, watching the film on the third day of its release.

After doing stereo types roles in films like 'Ayan' and 'Aadhavan', Soorya has decided to do something different. He is in the police officer's role in his 25th film titled 'Singam', directed by Hari ('Saamy', 'Thamirabharani' fa
me). Both of them had done films like 'Aaru' and 'Vel' before. Anushka, who came as Vijay's pair in 'Vettaikkaran' is the heroine. The most valuable actor in the South, Prakashraj, also comes in a notable role.

Duraisingam (Soorya), who liv
es in the Nelloore village near Toothukkudi, joins the police force as per his father's (Radharavi) wish. The soft character Durai, who belongs to a big family, is being loved by all in the native. At this time, Kavya (Anushka), daughter of a rich man (Nasser), reaches her relative's house. As expected, she gets in touch with the hero through certain incidents and started loving him. At the same time, Mayilvahanam (Prakashraj), a gang leader who is involved in land mafia, is arrested as an accused in a murder case in Chennai and later let freed under bail. He came across Durai and there happens a tug of war between them. Durai gets promotion and is transferred to Chennai, the home city of his lover and the villain. The second half has got the fighting between the baddies and the police, how Durai got succeeded in winning the game is shown through a action packed climax.

The story of the film is not new, most of the scenes has got the flavor of the director's old films like 'Arul', 'Thamirabharani' etc. Soo
rya (with 'Thevar Makan' style mustache) has done well in the action oriented cop's role. The presence of an artist like Prakashraj opposite the hero makes the project rich, his performance is impressive as always. Anushka is glamorous, she got few scenes also to perform. Vivek is there in the constable character to do comedy scenes. Priyan's cinematography is excellent. Fast action scenes done by Rocky Rajesh & Anal Arasu is another area to be noted. The songs are presented colorfully, but the absence of much gimmicks on visuals and steps on that area is evident. Devisree Prasad had given some fast numbers, though it goes with the mood, most of them are not catchy enough to be remembered, the bg score also lacks punch here and there.

Don't expect a 'Kaakka Kaakka' magic here; 'Singam' is different one from Soorya, it is yet another action oriented entertainer made in the style of director's previous projects like 'Saamy', 'Aaru', 'Vel' etc only...

Rating : 7 / 10


Shaju said...

I felt the movie is much better than Hari’s earlier ventures. May be because of Surya’s energetic performance. But still Hari’s direction and screen play improved a lot. Prakash Raj did the same genre of role several times, but we never feel boredom. That’s his par excellence.

One the whole a ‘Kakka Kakka’ in Hari’s style.

‘Singam’ and ‘Pokkiri Raja’, both the movies can be categorized as mass masala entertainers. But if compare both the movies, I felt ‘Pokkiri Raja’ like a masala tamil movie of the early 80’s.

Do you think the extension in the release of other language movies will help Malayalam movie industry?

prasanth said...

no way, such a delayed release won't help the malayalam movie industry, until we improve the quality of our films...but on the other side, there is a chance for an increase in collection by a small percentage for an average film, if the audiences are not given the chance to choose...