Saturday, May 1, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Vijay, Devgill, Vadivelu, Thamanna

Director : S.P.Rajkumar

Music : Manisharma

The new tamil film 'Sura' (meaning Shark) is a special one, as it is the 50th film of the most popular act
or in the kollywood today, Vijay. Born as the son of director S.A.Chandrasekhar, he has reached the field in the early 90's through the films directed by his father. He has acted in action masalas like 'Rasikan', 'Deva', 'Vishnu' etc (all directed by S.A.C) in the beginning and later on achieved a romantic image through some good films like 'Poove Unakkaga', 'Love Today', 'Kaathalukku Maryadhai', 'Thullaatha Manamum Thullum', 'Kushi', 'Priyamaanavale' etc. He has given many hit films in a row like 'Gilli', 'Thirumalai', 'Madhurai', 'Thiruppachi', 'Sivakasi' etc. These days, he has acquired the real action hero image with a minimum guarantee market and most of his films including 'Pokkiri', 'Vettaikkaran' etc were hits in our state also. Now his new film 'Sura', released in 600 centers world wide, shows the popularity of the young star, nick named 'Ilayadalapathy'. In the middle of the strike between the exhibitors, producers, distributors and other related groups in the film industry, release of some malayalam films are delayed, but the Vijay film got succeeded in releasing in as many centers here.

After the success of 'Vettaikkaran', mega banner Sun Pictures once again bagged the distribution rights of a Vijay film. It is directed by S.P.Rajkumar, who gave average films like 'Azhagarmalai', 'Kaarmegham', 'Ponmanam' and 'En Purushan Kuzhanthaimaathiri' before. Anyway, this former assistant of director K.S.Ravikumar with an experience of more than 15years in the field
, is good enough to write-direct a Vijay film. Top heroine in tamil, Thamanna is pairing with Vijay for the first time. Telugu actor Devgill, who is notable through hit film 'Magadheera', does the negative role.

Sura (Vijay) is a fisherman living in the coastal area. His ambition is to build concrete houses for the entire families living there. He came across the heroine (Thamanna) and started loving her. At this time, a minister (
Devgill), who is involved in illegal activities and real estate business, tried to buy the land, where the hero lives. Sura opposes this and the minister tried many ways to evacuate the families. The hero is adamant that he will build the houses for the fishermen at his own cost and how he succeeded in it is shown in the climax of 'Sura'.

The dullness in the environment selected to tell the story is evident in most areas. Vadivelu, who is pla
ced for comedy scenes, has given a below average output only. The heroine is as usual a 'product' for the hero to sing duets. The suicide attempt scenes and the reason told by the heroine for doing make up are all childish. The villain character lacks stability and Devgill, who came in such a role is not flexible also. The revenge episodes are not done in a thrilling way. The inclusion of foreign girls in the temple song is not an attractive sight. The introduction shot of the hero and the song followed it, are not done neatly. The walking style of the hero (imitating Mammootty in 'Oru CBI Diary Kuruppu') is not good.

The only good thing for Vijay to select this project might be, some of the hero oriented dialogues related to the the theme of 'building houses',
which he thinks as an added advantage, if he enters the politics in the near future (?). The experienced actor or his father or the director himself should have been aware of the fact that they have chosen an usual theme with an ordinary presentation only for a 'mile stone' project like this.

Action director Kanal Kannan, who has given notable punches in recent hits like 'Paiyya' and 'Vettaikkaran', had given a couple of fast sequences, especially the first one where hero chasing the villain is excellent. Music director Manisharama had given some peppy numbers (many of them are his own tunes borrowed from telugu) and the bg score is also healthy. Choreography by Robert for 'naan nadnathaal...' song and Prem Rakshit for 'thanjavoor jillakkari...' song, needs special mention. Ekambaram, who did recent films like 'Drona' (M), 'Den Dena Dun', 'Kanthasamy', is the cinematographer and Donmax, the malayalee editor, who worked in 'Aadhavan', 'Jaggubhai', 'Silambaattom' etc gave some neat cuts.

'Sura' might be a prestigious project for the actor, not for the viewers. Even a die hard fan of Vijay can't promote a movie like this.

Rating : 4 / 10

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