Monday, May 10, 2010

Kadha Thudarunnu

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Jayaram, Asif Ali, Innocent, Mamta Mohandas, KPAC Lalitha, Lakshmi Priya

Director : Satyan Anthikkad

Music : Ilayaraja

In the cine field, usually a film will be a commercial hit and makes business under the credit of notable heroes or stars acted in it. On the other side, very few directors has also got the luck to promote a movie under their label.
The senior technician in the field, Satyan Anthikkad is one such person. The director of maximum number of family movies has now done his 50th film, 'Kadha Thudarunnu'. Like the previous few films, this one is also scripted by the director himself, targeting his usual family audiences. Cinematographer Venu, Editor Rajagopal and Ilayaraja, the director's favorite musician are also there in the crew.

The film opens by showing the lovers from different religion, Shanavaz (Asif Ali, 'Ritu' fame) and Vidya Lakshmi (Mamta Mohandas) getting married even after their relatives acted against it. They got a little daughter now. One day, by mistake, a quotation gang kills Shanavaz. As days passed, Vidya finds it difficult to adjust the both ends of her
life. She meets an auto driver Preman (Jayaram). When knew about her problems, he take Vidya and her daughter (Baby Ankitha) to his colony. She soon became closer to every one and thus becoming a member of the colony. The lady owner (KPAC Lalitha) of the auto, a lottery sales man (Innocent), a local thief (Chembil Asokan), the crowd supplying agent (Maamukkoya) for union meetings, a self dependent girl (Lakshmi Priya) etc are some of the people living there. As per the advice of her friend (Shruthi Menon) and help of other well wishers in the locality, Vidya decided to re-join the MBBS course, which that got discontinued in the middle. At this time, the relatives of Shanavaz comes there, claiming the responsibility of her daughter. How the situation is solved is shown in the later areas of 'Kadha Thudarunnu'.

Mamta Mohandas has done well in the central character. Jayaram gave a good support in his usual style. Asif Ali, as the key board player, is only there in the few scenes, but his character is
registered well through the romantic song 'Aaro Paadunnu...' Baby Ankitha is also good and her innocence in the voice is also attractive. The crowd supplying agent and the local thief are some of the realistic characters which can be seen in any villages. The way in which the mother character telling different reasons to her daughter's doubts, without revealing their pathetic situation is treated well. The participant in the reality show, the life of the lottery sales man etc are also borrowed from the real life. The story of the film goes through a predictable way only. The director has once again successful in presenting the film for the family audiences.

Though the songs, 'Aaro Paadunnu...' and 'Kizhakkumala...' are not the best from Ilayaraja, it goes well with the mood, especially the humming in the first song is used well in the bg score also. It is time for Satyan Anthikkad to stop situations like the one happened in the 'Mazha Megham...' song. The song itself
and its visuals are below average only. If song is a must, then it will be good if the musical genius can remake any of his (non popular) hit numbers in the 80's. The lyrical side of Sarath Vayalar in the film is also not strong. The scenes in which the educated lady spending night with her daughter at the railway station cannot be treated as a realistic one.

Few months before, in a discussion regarding the movies and its outcome, one among the group asked others, who is most successful business man in the industry without taking any risks ? The names of many actors, producers and distributors came there in reply, none was right; No need for an explanation, the correct answer was Satyan Anthikkad. We all agreed, hope you also...

'Kadha Thudarunnu' is a positive subject targeting family audiences. It has got yet another signature of the star director.

Rating : 7.5 / 10


Prasanth Nair said...

What the hell is in this movie ? Some seens copied from will smiths , "The Pursuit of Happyness" !I will give 10/2 for it

Prasanth Nair said...

Hectic Acting By Mamtha , What the hell that Old director is doing ?