Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Final Destination 4 (3D)

Medium : English
Starring : Bobby Campo, Shantel Vansanten, Mykelti Williamson

Director : David R. Ellis

We already discussed the advantage of making sequels of hit projects, now the latest one to join such
a group is from 'The Final Destination' series. The 3D version of most of the Hollywood films is also releasing these days along with the normal prints. Though the popularity is high, a very few theaters only has now started screening of such versions also. This is due to the heavy cost in setting the requirements for showing such films. In my native, a theater is set permanently to run the 3D prints. After the grand success of 'Avatar', then came 'Clash Of The Titans', a poor film in 3D. Now it is time for the 4th part of 'The Final Destination' series. As in the case of most of the English films, this one is also releasing here, late by many months.

The opening scene of the film is happening in a stadium where sports car racing happens. A group of four people is also among the heavy crowd watching it. One among them, Nick (Bobby Campo), began to sense a danger there, which is going to be happened in few minutes. He told about this to his companions and they all with a few others ran out of the stadium, soon the mishap happens and many were killed. Though his friends didn't believed his words in the beginning, now as the matter became serious, they became tensed. Now with in few days, another guy also died; he was the one who escaped from the accident in the stadium. Now it is clear that, all those people who survived then, are going to die soon. Nick, his girl friend (Shantel Vansanten) and their friends along with the security guard (Mykelti Williamson) are now aware of this and how they act to get out of the danger is shown here. Most of the time, they can't overcome the fate and thus goes the action packed incidents of the latest series in the 'The Final Destination'.

In 'Avatar', James Cameroon didn't tried to frighten the audiences, rather he gave a different visual experience using the new technology. 'Clash Of The Titans' was not good in every sense, but the haunting memories of old malayalam hit 'My Dear Kuttichathan', where long sticks, spear and skulls coming out of the screen, are still there as it was considered as the first of this kind and more over it happened in our childhood days also. But compared to all those, director of 'The Final Destination 4', David R. Ellis has tried to frighten the audiences to the maximum level and in the majority of the situations shown here he has succeeded. No human can sit simply straight, watching a sequences where screw driver flying to your eyes, the car tyre bursts and coming fast to you or a vehicle with the lightning speed coming towards you etc. It is a fact that I was shocked and afraid, seeing many shots which come under this genre. The circumstances created here which later lead to an accident in all situations, can be felt cinematic, but the director had executed it well in a professional way, giving no loop holes for questioning. The title sequences are also done well.

Watching a 3D film like this in a small theater like multiplexes might give ultimate effect and quality than watching it in big screens. what to do, we are forced to adjust with the kind of infrastructure, we are getting these days...

'The Final Destination 4 (3D)' is a action thriller with many shocking incidents. The 3D version is not recommended for weak-hearted peoples...

Rating : 8 / 10


arvind said...

oops so u say that if u wanna firghten and die go and watch final destination...hmmm the first 3 parts were frightening enough even with out 3d so i can imagine how hard this wud bee....anyways thnks for the lemme watch it

Shaju said...

Watch SINGAM....Racy entertainer by Hari. Surya's excellent show. A complete watchable commercial masala.