Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Iron Man 2

Medium : English
Starring : Robert Downey Jr, Sam Rockwell, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow
Director : Jon Favreau

Another Hollywood film, featuring the super hero has got released. It is called as 'Iron Man
2', the sequel releasing after a gap of 2years. Usually, the films involving super hero themes had got a similar story line. The villain character in the subject will also be having the super powers like the hero does. The former uses it for doing negative things, while the latter uses his powers for saving the world from enemies. Anyway, we usually like to watch these kind of subjects as high end action sequences and good visual effects sequences holds the key in such films.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), the CEO of St
ark Industries, is the super hero Iron Man had a meeting with the US govt officials. They want him to share the technology behind the Iron Man mechanism for the benefit of the Army. Stark refuses the demand saying that the extra power has always helped him to maintain the world peace and he assured that he won't use it carelessly and also told that he is afraid that if it is revealed then there might be a chance that it will go to the wrong hands. In a car race competition, when Stark and his vehicle was attacked brutally by Vango, he was forced to use his Iron Man jacket. While in jail, Vango told the reason for his personal grudge with Stark's family.

On a day at his house, when drunken unlimited, Stark used his jacket and it was objected by his friend (Don Cheadle), who works in the defense wing. There happened a fight between the two, which leaded to a massive destruction of the building. The o
fficer has forcibly took the jacket box and handed over to the military. A higher official (Sam Rockwell) had asked the help of Vango to create the models of the jacket. Now Stark is removed from the CEO post, but he is busy in creating the new jacket by following his father's documents. At last he is successful, He reached the launching ceremony of the Army's newly created super heroes wearing jackets. Now Vango, who is the administrator of the controlling section of the models, tried to take revenge on the Iron Man using other models, which lead to a war like atmosphere. Iron Man kills the villain and saves the people from the enemies are shown in the climax of 'Iron Man 2'.

rt Downey Jr, who did the title role of 'Sherlock Holmes' had done well in Iron Man character. The film had got the visual effects sequences in its ultimate. The working atmosphere at the Stark's house filled with the technology of virtual reality is good. Even if this is a super hero subject, you don't have many action oriented situations in it. The sequences at the car racing ground, the fight between the hero and his friend in the Iron Man outfits and the lengthy climax featuring all the characters in the jackets are the major scenes involving actions. The climax area involving the total destroyer of the region and the hero succeeded in killing the baddie,looks like an expected one only.

A regular viewer of Hollywood films, can watch 'Iron Man 2' also; people who are selective, can wait for some notable projects to arrive...

Rating : 7 / 10

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