Sunday, May 9, 2010

Alexander The Great

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mohanlal, Bala, Sidhiq, Jagadeesh, Meenakshi Dixit, Sudha Chandran

Director : Murali Nagavally

Music : M.G.Sreekumar

A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine, who is aware of my creziness in the movies, asked me, which is the new project of Mohanlal ? When I told about 'Alexander The Great', he immediately replied that it will be a disaster. He don't know anything about the st
ory or the director or the technical crew or any details connected with the movie, but he told the reason that the hair style of Mohanlal reminds him the films like 'Flash', 'Angel John' etc. Anyway, I didn't argued as I was also having doubts about such a film written by new comer C.Balachandran and directed by Murali Nagavally (former associate of Priyadarshan and director of the film 'Wanted'). Thus without much expectation, I decided to watch the film, produced by V.B.K.Menon.

The story happens in the backdrop of Dubai. Prathap Varma (Saikumar) is a rich business man. He has got some relatives (Sidhiq, Ganesh Kumar, T.P.Madhavan, Fathima Babu etc) who is awaiting eagerly to get the s
hare of his immense amount of wealth. Varma's relationship with his wife (Sudha Chandran) and son Manu (Bala) is not healthy and they are living separately. After the unexpected death of Varma, the relatives came to know that the majority of the property is being written in the name of Alexander Varma (Mohanlal), in Mumbai. Thus Manu, who is facing some financial problems, goes in search of Alexander, with his lover (Meenakshi Dixit) and his uncle (Jagadeesh). They came to know that Alexander is living in a mental asylum; he is brilliant but an abnormal personality. The group tries their best to get the signature from the peculiar character, at the same time another gang is trying to kill Alexander. With the permission of the doctor (Nedumudi Venu), they took Alexander to Dubai and whether Alexander agreed to give back the wealth to his younger brother, is shown later.

The highlight of 'Alexander The Great' is the excellent performance by Mohanlal. His body language and
dialogue delivery are suited well for such a character, it also creates laughing in many situations. It had got the shades of Sharukh Khan's role in 'My Name Is Khan'. The visuals are colorful and rich, as the majority of the scenes are happening in Dubai. Cinematography by Kannan is good. The bg score done by M.G.Sreekumar goes with the mood.

The film had got a good story line, but it looks like the creators had done some compromises on the presentation side in few areas, especially
the climax. The suspense in the particular portion is also not done in a notable way. The situations involving the villain gang (headed by Kalabhavan Shajon) working for Sidhiq, should have been done in a more clear way, a mixture of comedy and serious mannerisms are not good. The discussions involving the relatives are done at the same locations most of the time, inside the room or at the roof top. Dubbing artist Anandavalli's voice is too dominating for Sudha Chandran's character. As in the case of 'Inn Ghost House Inn', 'T.D.Daasan Std VI B', Jagadeesh is overacting most of the time. The scene in which Alexander doing surgery in the hospital can felt cinematic, but we watched and accepted similar situation in 'Three Idiots' and 'My Name Is Khan' also, so no need to be irritated.

Films by Mohanlal and Mammootty got released on the same day after a gap and it is a rare coincidence that in both these stories, hero goes to jail for the crime committed by his father; none of the two stars are having their heroine in these movies...

With such a story, 'Alexander The Great' should have been made better. But, it is not that bad to be avoided, you can watch it once to see Mohanlal in a totally different role.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Anonymous said...

i like this movie very muchhh??
But malayale peoples dsnt like this movie...
Avarkku ippoo nalla cinemakkal thirichariyathayi............