Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mummy & Me

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Urvashi, Archana Kavi, Mukesh, Kunjakko Boban, Lalu Alex

Director : Jithu Joseph

Music : Sijo John, Gopi Sundar (bg score)

'Mummy & Me', don't you feel, such a title for the new family subject is interesting, as it is in malayalam. Here Urvashi comes in the mother's role and Archana Kavi, who did the lead character in 'Neelathaamra', is in the role of the daughter. Mukesh comes as the pair to Urvashi (may be this is happening after a gap of around 20years, if i am right, they acted as pairs in the film 'Souhridham' by Shaji Kailas, before). Jithu Joseph, the director of the film had given a notable investigative film before, 'Detective'. Though that film with Suresh Gopi in double role, didn't do well, the output was good enough to evaluate the caliber of a creator. More over, the new film is distributed by Mohanlal's banner Max Laab and it was also heard that the actor himself was planning to do a guest role in the film, any way it is changed and the responsibility now came to the hands of the director's previous hero, Suresh Gopi. The cinematographer of maximum number of family subjects, Vipin Mohan is also in the team, as a good support for the director.

The story focuses mainly on the happenings in the family between Clara (Urvashi) and her daughter, Jewel (Archana Kavi). The mother is too possessive about her teen aged girl and she is very strict also. This is not liked by Jewel, which causes a break in relationship between the two, many times. The girl is also attached more to her father, Joseph (Mukesh), a bonding character between Clara and Jewel. His diplomatic approach has helped to maintain a tension free atmosphere. Jewel was comfortable with his best friend and college mate, Rahul ( Kunjakko Boban). While spending at the internet, Jewel got a chat friend, Ameer, with whom she always shares the problems. Their relationship had grown and her aggressive attitude gradually changed. Rahul wants to express his love to Clara, on the other side Clara was having some other plans. Thus goes the incidents of 'Mummy & Me'.

The writer-
director had chosen a subject which is common in many families, these days. The relationship between each and every members in the family, felt real, especially the younger brother of Clara creates laughter in many areas. Urvashi has done excellent with all her experience. Archana Kavi was good in her debut film, but here, in the modern outfits, she is not looking stable and also felt awkward in few angles. Mukesh has also done well to create the lighter mood. Master Jeevan, as the younger brother, is also suited well for the role. Kunjakko Boban doesn't have much to perform.

The chat friend
and the associated scenes reminds us of the film 'Mitr - My Friend', by Revathi. The problem in using a familiar voice without showing the character has happened here, while showing the chat friend from back and side views, it was clearly evident that it was not the owner of this voice (either that portions or the climax part should have been avoided). The visuals of films like 'Aniyathipravu', 'Nakshatratharattu', 'Niram' etc came to mind when scenes involving Kunjakko Boban are shown. Sudheesh, nearing his age of 40, is still placed as a college student and Arun as the negative character is also a cliche. The scene in which mother and the son dancing, felt cinematic. Songs by debutant music director Sijo John goes with the mood, bg score by Gopi Sundar is ok, it got some english songs also, might have been incorporated to register the attitude of the daughter role. Cinematographer Vipin Mohan gave colorful visuals, editing by V.Saajan is also good.

I don't know, why the creators are still practicing the idea of using voice overs for the introduction of each and every characters in the beginning; no need to under estimate the audiences as they are brilliant enough to understand the nature of each role, when story goes on. By placing a doctor (Anoop Menon) on the mother's side and a chat friend through Suresh Gopi's voice on the other side, the director had delivered too many messages at a time, even the character of Lalu Alex tried some...

Dont expect big from 'Mummy & Me'; It is a true family film which doesn't have much un realistic situations or wasted comedies, as witnessed in these day subjects.

Rating : 7 / 10

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