Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Phoonk 2

Medium : Hindi
Starring : Sudeep, Amrutha Khanvilkar, Ahsaas Channa, Neeru Bajwa

Director : Milind Gadagkar

Music : Dharam - Sandeep

Ram Gopal Varma, the technician notable for creating some super hit and 'notorious' projects, had come up with the second part to his own horror film, 'Phoonk'. That project was not a big success, but the them
e of the particular movie had got the 'loop hole' required to make a sequel. This time RGV is in not in the role of the director, rather he is producing it and the director is a new name, Milind Gadagkar, who is also the writer of both the parts. The old version ends where the hero, his wife and his two kids left, after the woman, who is doing some black magic procedures on hero's daughter, is dead.

Now, Rajiv (Sudeep) is shifting to a new place with his wife (Amrutha Khanvilkar), kids and the servant. The kids are enjoying the new place, near the beach which is surrounded by a lonely place having dense forest. They reaches the pace and the daughter finds a doll, takes it to the house. There begins the terror and some incidents happened later as Madhu's (black magic woman) ghost appears to take revenge on the family. Rajiv's sister and her husband reaches there on a visit. At one st
age, the spirit enters the body of Rajiv's wife, telling that she will destroy all those who are lovable to him. Rajiv's friend, the gardener and a person who did the witchcraft proceedings were killed and now the ghost has entered the house, planning to kill the members one by one. What happens to the family is shown in the later portions.

What ever
ingredients necessary for a horror film, has been created here also by the new director. The choosing of such a house, lonely beach, forest, doll etc adds the mood. The situations chosen here are also good enough to make us scary, like the movement of doll and appearance of spirit at night. The scenes leading to the climax, where a bulk of incidents happening, is a good one. The steady cam shot, showing the interiors of house at the beginning is lengthy. Rajiv's sister role has been created to expose glamour only. The ending of the film is incomplete and is also not an acceptable one, gives us a feeling that the team behind doesn't wants to 'kill the duck laying golden egg'. Even in the absence of a commercial success, films like this have got the background helpful to create any number of sequels.

Sudeep, kannada actor, who acted in films like 'Rann' and 'Phoonk' did a nice job. Amrutha Khanvilkar, who did his wife's role has also done ehre part well. The cinematography by Charles Meher is extra ordinary. Dharam - Sandeep gave an excellent background score.

'Phoonk 2' has got some situations that can surely make you scary, if you watch it in a good theater with the 'state of the art' audio-visual facilities. A hard core fan of horror films can try it for such scenes only. The fact is that lack of a neat screenplay has pulled back the project from being a big success.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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