Wednesday, April 21, 2010

T.D.Daasan Std 6B

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Master Alexander, Tina Rose, Biju Menon, Jagadeesh, Suresh Krishna, Swetha Menon, Shruthi Menon

Director : Mohan Raghavan

Music : Sreevalsan.J.Menon

After a wasted week (by watching
some extremely poor films), I had decided to watch 'T.D.Daasan Std 6B' and that too without any anticipation. Other than the title, nothing attracted me in this project as the writer-director is also not a familiar name in the field. Hence, it was not a shocking sight also to see 5-10 persons to watch the particular film for the evening show in the capital city.

Nandan (Biju Menon) is an Ad film maker, living in Bangalore with his daughter (Tina Rose) and her care taker Madhavan (Jagadeesh). One day, a letter reaches the house, addressing the person who lived there before. It came from T.D.Daasan (Master Alexander), who lives in Paalakkad with his mother (Swetha Menon), who works in a match stick factory. He wrote the letter to
his father who left them years ago, due to family problems. Nandan had asked Madhavan to find out the addressee and to deliver the letter. It didn't happened. Later, the daughter found the letter from the waste bin and when another letter arrived, she decided to write a reply to Daasan as if written by latter's father. Daasan is excited when he got the reply. Without informing his mother, he continued the process. One day, Madhavan found all the letters and informed Nandan about this. Now it became a serious issue and what happens to Daasan, Nandan's daughter etc are shown in the later portions.

The theme of 'T.D.Daasan Std 6B' has got the flavor of some Iranian and
Korean films, which is a new style adapted here. The neat blend of the city and village lives are done here by Mohan Raghavan, the creator of the movie. In the middle, director had used a new technique of story telling when Nandan and his companions discussing about the script of their new project. The use of 35mm and cinema scope lenses to differentiate the scenes are good. The scenes inside the school, quarreling between the students, grand mother's affection towards the boy, the aggressive nature of the mother etc are some of the realistic situations that are missing in the current arena of mollywood.

The director had tried his level best to create a Bangalore atmosphere in our state. He shot the outdoor portions of the city as it is and the visuals involving Nandan's house and the street has been done in Cochin, without any errors (the place written on the school bus as 'Coramangala' instead of the real 'Koramangala' in Bangalore, was an easy method to find out the cheating!). More participation involving the locals should have been done, but in whole, the outcome is good. The scene in which the girl and her cousin (Shruthi Menon) watching tv, by surfing through different channels, felt realistic, but when Daasan and her mother is shown in the human chain in a channel, it felt a created thing. In a scene showing the street protest against the multinational company, it is written 'cola' as it is, which should have been avoided. I think the distributors of the films had also failed to give the promotions and publicity required for the movie.

The back ground score by Sreevalsan J Menon is excellent and it helped to create the serious mood. The film field should utilize the talent of this person who gave a good female solo, 'venjaamarakkaatte...' and some nice songs in the film 'Lap Top' also. Cinematogra
phy by Arun Varma and Vinod Illampally (2nd unit) are good. Vinod Sukumaran is the editor. The performances of Master Alexander and Tina Rose, that represents the two sides of the coin, are excellent. Biju Menon and Suresh Krishna had done their part well. Swetha Menon, who received the best actress award this year, is also good at her role.

'T.D.Daasan Std 6B' is a bold attempt which should be appreciated. Even after such positive responses, it is too bad to see that a majority is not willing to come to theaters to watch this.

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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