Sunday, April 4, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Karthi, Thamanna, Milind Soman
Director : Lingusamy
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Karthi, younger brother of actor Soorya, has done the lead role in 'Piyya', after films like 'Paruthiveeran' and 'Aayirathil Oruvan'. So, this is the first modern youthful role for
the hero. Thamanna, who acted in films like 'Kalloori', 'Ayan', 'Padikkathavan', 'Kandein Kathale' etc has acted opposite him. She will rise as a successful heroine in the south, with films like 'Thillalangadi' with Jayam Ravi, 'Sura' with Vijay also has to be released soon. After 'Pachaikkili Muthuchiram', once again Mumbai model Milind Soman comes to the south for doing a special role here. After giving films like 'Aanandam', 'Run', 'Sandaikkozhi', 'Ji' and 'Bheema', Director Lingusamy has come up with this new project. It is produced by Thirupathi Brothers (director's brothers) and distributed by Dayanidhi Azhagiri under the banner Cloud Nine, after giving the super hit film 'Thamizhppadam'. The younger representative from the 'Raja' family, Yuvan Shankar Raja, who worked with the same director for 'Sandaikkozhi', is the music director in 'Paiyya'.

Shiva (Kart
hi) searching job in Bangalore. There he sees Chaaru (Thamanna), happens 'love at first sight'. On one such occasion, he even left the office without attending an interview, when he saw her passing by that way. One day, while waiting for her friend with the car in the railway station, she and his uncle came, asking for a trip to Chennai by misunderstanding him as a taxi driver; seeing the girl he agrees. On the way, when the uncle got down at petrol bunk, she requested him to take her alone. She asked him to take her to Mumbai. She told the reason why a gang is following her. On the contrast, another group from Mumbai is in search of the hero. They found him on the way, but he got succeeded in winning them physically. Shiva's flashback is shown in the second half. During the journey, Shiva and Chaaru became close to each other. Finally they reaches the destination and what happens to their relationship is shown in the climax of 'Paiyya'.

The way in which the hero seeing
the heroine in many places in the beginning, is a cliche. After being departed, once again hero finds her standing in the street in the later portion, is a cinematic coincidence. The scene in which painting is done on the car to save from the villain gangs should have been done on a more realistic way. In the climax fight, villain hitting the hero to the maximum and then hero arises from that position, has happened in Indian films unlimited number of times. Karthi is not flexible in the songs and dancing sequences; he needs more practice in such an area. A couple of songs in the post interval area happens in short intervals, which can make few audiences restless.

Hope you remember the thrilling action sequences in 'Run' composed by the debutant Peter Hain; this time director has asked Peter's guru Kanal Kannan, an experienced one in the field, to repeat the same thrilling effect on the action sequences. As expected the output is extra ordinary, the best of this kind we have seen in the recent past. Almost all the songs by Yuvan Shan
kar Raja are good and his background score is excellent to give a good pace. This is cinematographer Madhi's best work after doing films like 'Veyil', 'Nepali' and 'Silambattom'. He gave some colorful visuals, most of the scenes inside the car (tough task for a person behind the camera) are portrayed well. The most expensive editor in the south, Anthony, gave a good support in 'Paiyya' with his fast cuts. After the big flop 'Bheema', though there are some hurdles here and there in this story and its presentation, director Lingusamy can relax to a certain extend, by giving a road movie like 'Paiyya'.

'Paiyya' is a time pass movie, mixed with romance, good songs and excellent action scenes. No need to rethink on the logic in its theme, you can watch it once.

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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