Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thambikku Intha Ooru

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Bharath, Prabhu, Vivek, Ranjith, Sana Khan, Madalsa Sharma
Director : Bhadri
Music : Dharan

Being introduced by director Shankar in 'Boys', young actor Bharath has been grown through films like 'For the People', 'Kaathal', 'Chellame', 'Veyil', 'Nepali', 'Kandein Kaathale' etc. Though he had got man
y flops in the middle, on occassions he had given some notable films also. Now his new film has got the title of an old hit from Rajnikanth, 'Thambikku Intha Ooru'. It is directed by Bhadri, a former associate to directtor Sundar.C and had given his debut film 'Veeraappu' (remake of malayalam super hit, 'Sphadikam'). Sana Khan, who acted with Silambarasan in 'Silambattom' is the heroine. Dharan, who gave a couple of good numbers in Bhagyaraj's film 'Paarijaatham', is the music director.

Akhil (Bharath) is the son of a big business man family (Nizhalgal Ravi-Yuvarani) in Singapore. When his marriage is fixed with their family friend's daughter (Madalsa Sharma), he refuses and reveals the story of his love m
atters with Divya (Sana Khan), an international squash champion. Being irritated at this, their family friend bursts out, telling that Akhil is an adopted son. Now Akhil and his friend (Vivek) reaches Chenkalppet in search of his real father. When reached there, he found Divya, daughter of Thirumalai (Ranjith), is attacked by the local don Kumaraswamy's (Prabhu) people. Akhil saves Divya from them through a fight. Kumaraswamy came to know that Akhil is the son of the person who worked with his long years back and left the place after cheating him. Now when gets a chance he wants to take revenge on Akhil's father. In the mean while, Akhil collects details regarding his original father and the real villain behind all the incidents happened in the past.

The story of 'Thambikku Intha Ooru' has been told a 1000 times before, right f
rom the MGR-Sivaji periods. The way in which the hero trying to win the hearts of his lover by coming in the Sikh outfits, is also a repetitive thing. In the beginning scenes of the second half, more attention has been gone to the humor episode created by M.S.Bhaskar, a deviation from the real story. The fight scenes directed by Dalapathi Dinesh is not the very best, as the floor beds and cushions are evident in many shots. The hero, being beaten to the maximum level and then rouses against the villain is also an old masala formula. Vivek's comedy is not the special one here. The imitation of the 'Dasavatharam' CBI officer is good, but it should have been done in a more professional way. The way in which the hero chasing the stranger lady's husband and his gang is a cinematic thing to promote the style of the foreign fight master.

Saalai Sahadevan's camera work is colorful. Bharath is good and has done well in dance and fight sequences. Music director Dharan has given some fast numbers for the mood. Bg score by Praveen Mani is good.

No need to try your luck on 'Thambikku Intha Ooru'. It has got a very old theme presented in the new way only.

Rating : 4.5 / 10

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