Friday, April 16, 2010

Paappi Appacha

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Dileep, Innocent, Asokan, Suresh Krishna, Kavya Madhavan

Director : Mammaas

Music : Vidyasagar

An actor has to face some ups and downs in his film career, this is a phenomenon that happens irrespective of the language. In malayalam, Dileep is traveling through such a tough time these days. In the last 4-
5 years, majority of his films were not doing well. Though 'Vinodayathra', 'Twenty 20' and 'Passenger' were super hits, he cannot forget the worst performance of 'Don', 'Pachakkuthira', 'Romeo', 'July 4', 'Chakkaramuthu', 'Crazy Gopalan', 'Mulla', 'Colors', 'Moss and Cat', 'Swantham Lekhakan' etc in the box office. In between, he has done some notable films like 'Calcutta News' and 'Kerala Cafe' which were also not commercial hits. His previous films like 'Body Guard' and 'Aagathan' had got average running only in theaters.

Now Dileep has acted under new writer-director Mammaas for the film named 'Paappi Appacha' (title borrowed from the first line of the old hit song from the film 'Mayilaadumkunnu').
Innocent is doing an important title character here. This film is also the come back film for Kavya Madhavan after a gap. Dileep's brother Anoop has produced the film.

We have got few examples of films discussing the theme of intimacy in father-son relationships like 'Orkkappurathu', 'Oru Painkilikkadha', 'Veendum Chila Veettu Kaaryangal', 'Manassinakkare', 'Ishtam', 'Thommanum Makkalum' etc. 'Paappi Appacha' has got a similar subject in which Dileep and Innocent doing the characters of Paappi and Appachan respectively. They belong to a rich family in the village that own a factory, school, fina
nce company etc. At one stage, they put their factory on fire to cheat the insurance company. Paappi loves the school teacher (Kavya Madhavan), but she is not interested in him. She won the panchayat election with Paappi being the opponent candidate. He tried to block the arrangements of the teacher's marriage which in turn caused a break in relationship between the father and the son. A local rich guy (Asokan) now reaches for the father's support and some others (Suresh Krishna) also tried to take advantage of the present situation and how Paappi manage to face the problems is shown in the film.

The introduction scene of the father and son where both urinating through the window, is a childish one. Dharmajan, who is notable through Bluffmasters show in Asianet comes as the companion for Dileep, he is unfit for such a role. As the hero is shown as a lazy and un ambitious person, there is no relevence in the scene where he sees the teacher'
s face every mornings to improve his luck. Asokan, as the rich guy is a comic character that cannot creates a single laughing. The relationship between the father and son is affected in the very next scene where the teacher warns the former by predicting that such things will happen; such a small gap between scenes shows the non professionalism of the new director. The hatred of the heroine, later turning into love is shown many times before. The stability in the portions where son trying to take revenge on the father is affected a lot, sometimes it is treated lightly and sometimes it is serious. By incorporating double meaning dialogues and shots, the director had made the whole environment polluted. The flashback scenes shown in the 2d animation is a good thing, but in some areas the sound and picture length sink has been affected.

The usage of title credits in special malayalam terms is a variety style. 'Stun' Siva, the action director w
ho is notable through films like 'Vettayadu Vilayadu'(T), 'Pachaikkili Muthuchiram'(T), 'Gajini'(H) etc has given some fast action scenes. The bg score by Vidyasagar is good and the remake 'paappi appacha...' song will also be a remembered one as the catchy lines are already there in the minds of the audiences. Cinematographer Sanjeev Shanker and editor VT Sreejith didn't implement any new techniques to overcome the dull shots, wasted comedies and ordinary presentation happened from the side of the new writer-director for this lengthy film.

The title 'Paappi Appacha' is an attractive one, but the content won't give you such a happiness as you expect.

Rating : 5 / 10



saw the film pappi..appacha...

the marks 4.5 is not enough..

the only film now with some audients..!!!

the titles are not only attractive but also a very special one...

Anonymous said...

Pratheekshicha falam kandilla film....Kandirikkam..... athreulooooo