Sunday, April 11, 2010


Medium : Hindi
Starring : Vivek Oberoi, Sanjay Kapoor, Dileep Tahil, Isaiah, Nandana Sen, Neeru Singh

Director : Kookie Gulati

Music : Sachin Gupta, Sandeep Shirodkar (bg score)

Other than big corporate companies, bolly
wood films is being produced by music companies also. Tips is one such banner which has produced films like 'Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani', 'Kismat Connection' and 'Race' recently. Their latest production is 'Prince', done by Vivek Oberoi. He is here after doing an important character in 'Kurbaan'. The film is directed by debutant Kookie Gulati, who worked with directors like Priyadarshan and Indrakumar before. Shiraz Ahmed, who wrote the suspense thriller 'Race', penned the script for 'Prince'.

The film starts by showing the robbery of diamonds by Prince (Vivek Oberoi) and his gang in hollywood style. The central secret service (lead by Dileep Tahil) and the CBI team (lead by Sanjay Kapoor) are searching for him. He is in
South Africa now. One day, when he woke up in the morning, he has got a bullet injury in his hand and he even lost his memories. He even forgot his name and the incidents associated with him in the past few days. He came to know later that he used to work for Sarang (Isaiah). Sarang and his team wants the rare and precious coin, which is in the hands of Prince. At this time, his girl friend Maya (Nandana Sen) also reaches there. They found that Sarang is the reason for the temporary memory lose by Prince. The later portions of the film shows, Sarang and his gang's desperate attempt to collect the coin and Prince trying to destroy the enemy gang.

Many situations here resembles a James Bond movie. The visual effects (by Tata Elxsi) and fights (by Allan Amin) sequences are done well. Cinematography by Vishnu Rao is colorful and rich. The peppy background score by Sandeep Shirodkar matches the mood for the film, but the fast songs by Sachin Gupta are not catchy ones, though they are suited for item numbers.

The way in which the hero jumping from buildings to buildings, mountains to mountains and that too in a bike with his lover in back seat, felt too unrealistic. The hero is shown jumping from a fly over to another vehicle and the heroine jumping from helicopter to ground, the climax scene in which hero acts like a spider man are all examples of cinematic things. We can't agree the genuineness of the scene in which the hero's memories are shown on a TV screen in which the clips are taken from the visuals of the film itself. The performance of Sarang, who comes in the villain role is not a professional one. The heroines in the film are also not the above average ones. Vivek Oberoi, in the title role is stylish, but his performance can't be rated as the best one.

'Prince' is a technically brilliant action film filled with many unrealistic situations and performances.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

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