Sunday, April 18, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Kalabhavan Mani, Ponvannan, Nedumudi Venu, Meera Nandan, Sharanya
Director : Anil.K.Nair

Music : Sharreth

Days before, I saw a big hording containing publicity stills of a new Kala
bhavan Mani movie in which it was written that 'a film directed by Lal Jose's student'. The name of the particular movie was a pleasant one, 'Pullimaan'. The star cast didn't attracted me except for a couple of faces like Ponvannan who did movies like 'Paruthiveeran', 'Anjathey', 'Ayan' etc and Rajendran, former assistant of stunt master Thyagarajan, the bald headed guy who came in the villain role in 'Naan Kadavul'. Rajaratnam, who did movies like 'Chinthamani Kolacase', 'Sound Of Boot', 'Samastha Keralam P.O' etc is the cinematographer. This musical subject has got Sharreth as the composer. On the second day of it's release, with less than 10% of the theater attendance, I watched it. The name of the new director is Anil.K.Nair.

Kunjunni (Kalabhavan Mani) is an orphan who is loved by every one in the village. He is the sole singer of the native, who lives in the river side. Kaalan (Ponvannan) is a bad guy in the locality. Kunjunni is attracted by a girl (Meera Nandan) who belongs to the street singers [nadodikal] group. When Kaalan got interested in the girl, Kunjunni begged him by saying that she is his lover and the former had leave her. In the middle, a fight between a local group (Mahendran and Sreejith Ravi) and Kaalan is shown a couple of times and the latter won the game in every sessions. When the villagers decided to arrange marriage of Kunjunni with the girl, it was opposed by the girl's father; later when Kaalan beats the father, he gave a positive signal. One day a family (Sivaji Guruvayur and Sharanya), reaches the village claiming that Kunjunni is their son. They tells the reason behind the missing of their son in his childhood. Anyway, Kunjunni stayed back in the village, with the blessings of his parents.

Pointing out a few from the majority of negatives happened. The director should answer the relevance of showing the opening scene in which the villain committing the murder in a rainy night. All the babies in the village crying and waitin
g to sleep by hearing a song from Kunjunni, is a childish and unprofessional situation (the whole scene has got the crying sound of babies as the bg sound). It looks like the director want to repeat such a situation from old tamil hits like 'Vaidehi Kaathirunthaal' and 'Chinna Thambi'. The lullaby song placed there, 'thanthaanalelo paattu...' that repeats 2-3 times in the film is a below average one. The situations in the tea shop and the river side where the locals (Sudheesh, Kochu Preman, Geedha Salaam, Mukundan, T.S.Raju, Manikandan etc) discussing issues and cracking jocks is not an attractive sight. The placement of a song for which the drama and gramolsavam situations comes and the whole villagers dancing is good enough to elaborate the film length only. Where does the bg music came for the heroine and her sisters to dance in front of the crowd to sell their products, will be an unanswered question. The reason for the hero's mother to identify the song is not known, her affection or familiarity with the particular song is not shown in the flashback. The lengthy fight between the villain and some other persons and that too in the absence of hero, is an unacceptable thing. The situation at night in which the villagers becomes sentimental due to the problem happened in hero's marriage, leading to the song by the old man, is a horrible one. In the beginning song, voice of Vineeth Sreenivasan doesn't suits Kalabhavan Mani (thanx to A.R.Rahman for introducing such a trend!) and the dubbing of Anandavalli for Sharanya's flashback scenes are not suited well. Like this, the list is endless...

'Mallippo mallippoo...' song is the only good one in the list. Bg score by Sharreth is ok. Gimmicks shown in some of the visuals has been done well by Priyadarshan and K.V.Aanand in 'Thenmaavin Kombath', years before.

It is a fa
ct that other than 'Vasanthiyum Laksmiyum Pinne Njaanum', 'Karumaadikkuttan' and 'Ben Johnson', Kalabhavan Mani does not have any other hero oriented films as hits, in the last 10-12 years. I read some where, Mani saying that the lack of good publicity and promotions as the reason for the failure of his projects. An extra amount spend to promote "horrible" movies like 'Pullimaan' should not be happened at any cost, the distributors knows it well...

I wonder, how a senseless and stupid movie like 'Pullimaan', got around 40 theaters to release. Instead of banning the release of other language movies, the film-fraternity should seriously think about this. The debutant director Anil.K.Nair has complemented his "guru" Lal Jose a lot, by making such a 'product'...!!!

Rating : 1.5 / 10


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanth, thank you for the various reviews. try to watch the new English movie - 'How to train your dragon' (in 3D). You will like it.

Anonymous said...

ethu.............monanu ithu direct cheythathum abhinayichathum.?