Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Jagadeesh, Sidhiq, Biju Menon, Nayana
Director : Viji Thampy

Music : M.Jayachandran

I had seen a new movie released on the Fools day; with half of the theater capacity only being filled and among them, many left at the interval portion also, the name of the movie is 'April Fool'. Jagadeesh and Sidhi
q played the lead roles here. In these days, when 'In Ghost House Inn' running successfully, these two actors once again joined hands with Asokan (2 scenes), Mukesh and Lal (both came in a scene only). The film is directed by 25+ films older director, Viji Thampy. He is one among the few technicians who came to the field in the second half of 80's, still not getting the chance to direct Mohanlal. His last few films like 'Chemistry', 'Nammal Thammil', 'Krithyam', 'Bada Dosth' etc were big flops. Actor Jagadeesh, who is the writer of films like 'Love Story', 'Oru Muthassikkadha' and 'Adhipan' has written the script for 'April Fool'.

Though I will be watching all the films, Jagadeesh's name as the script writer, gave a little anxiety as far as this project is concerned. In the second scene itself, i smelled something unusual and got into the assumption that 'April Fool' is the carbon copy of 'Bheja Fry', a hindi film released almost 3years before. The lead role done there by Vinay P
athak and Rajat Kapoor were simple but excellent and the film, targeting multiplex audience was a super hit one also. Anyway, I lost the faith at that moment as I was damn sure that the performance of Jagadeesh is not going to be anywhere near Vinay Pathak, who did the lead role there and Viji Thampy can't present the film like Sagar Bellary did.

Krishnanunni (Jagadeesh), who works in the Income tax department reaches the music company
owner's (Sidhiq) house as per invitation from him. The latter one wants a fool for the peculiar type of party, conducted every week in their club. This time, they have selected Krishnanunni, without informing him about this cruel game. He is an innocent guy, who is a music lover also. He is offered a chance to sing in an album by the rich man. Thus he reached the latter's apartment on a friday evening. What happens to the party, whether Krishnanunni is able to entertain all with his foolishness is shown in the later portions.

Jagadeesh, in the lead role is over acti
ng all the time. The way in which he renders different songs for each and every situations, will be helpful to lose your temper. His habit of showing the album is another area that make you restless. The scene in which Sidhiq ordering the food through the phone is too lengthy and un professional. The two songs in the film is presented in a amateurish and below average way, among them 'sundariyam soumini...' song should have been popular if it has been given to the hands of some high school students to shoot. Sidhiq, who is the music company owner, asks the mixing engineer/music director to cut down the sound through actions in the song; it shows that the creators don't know anything in such an area and they under estimates the audiences by showing those foolishness shots. The scene in which Jagadeesh watching cricket also felt unnatural. Nayana, who comes as Sidhiq's wife is struggling for presenting dialogues, their relationship is also not neatly presented. The apartment's indoor, where more than 90% of the film happens, is incorporated with lengthy shots and amateur comedy situations.

M.Jayachandran's bg score is dominated by bg sounds, as they are given as if to match the comedy situations here. Sanjee
v Shankar is the cinematographer.

Remaking a subject is a good idea, but you should also be aware whether the situation in the original one matches with the current version also (watch 'Bheja Fry' in dvds available, for such a comparison). Mammootty's next film has to be directed by Jagadeesh; before starting the project, the former one should think twice and "request" the latter to homework well...

No one was able to fool me till evening 6pm on April 1st, but Viji Thampy and Jagadeesh team succeeded there after by showing their product named 'April Fool'.

Rating : 2.5 /10

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