Monday, November 24, 2008


A colleague of mine, a born-malayalee who is brought up in North India, told me that ‘Dostana’ is a wonderful movie, though it has got some adults only jokes and even recommended me to watch it. Already we have duscissed my assumption about some of the hindi films. Personally I don’t like the amul-baby attitude of some directors like Karan Johar in filmmaking. Here Karan is producing the film and it is directed by his assistant Tarun Manshukani. Anyway keeping faith on my friend, I went to watch ‘Dostana’.

Without any surprise, the film starts with a song where “bare-body show” of sexy John Abraham surrounded by foreign girls in two-piece bikini,
headed by Shilpa Shetty. The next hero Abhishek Bachan is also introduced through this song.

This is yet another hindi film in which the story happens in the United States. I know that hindi films has got a global audience, but don’t forget that these film is made in hindi, it is better to make English as the medium for such films. Now-a days it is very hard to point out the example of a hindi film in which the story happening in our country.

John and Abhishek are in difficult search of a rental house. At last they got one, where they have to stay as paying guests. But for that they told a lie that both of them are gays (homosexuals). The house owner lady, heroine Priyanka Chopra’s aunt is impressed and allowed them. What an Idea!!! Such a an outr
ageous thing might have happened in the mind of none other than the “great producer” Karan Johar only…

We all feel that there should be some difference in the subject for every film. But this much of differentiation is unacceptable. I am not against any unorthodox subjects. You can only argue this by saying that homosexuals are common in our society. But here the treatment is funny; they had made it a commercial masala filled with double meaning dialogues and jokes (?) performed by John Abraham and Abhishek Bachan. The film has also got Bomman Irani as ex boss of Priyanka coming in the womanish character.

Both of them try to impress Priyanka. But she is being admired by her boss (Bobby Deol). They try their level best to make him away from her. When caught in the end, both of them were forgiven under one condition; Since they acted as gays, they have to kiss each other in the middle of a big party gathering…They have done it and all happy... Is that climax, ok for you?

I heard laughs for many scenes from the non-malayalee groups and some malayaless (like my friend) inside theatre. But persons like me were restless all the time hoping to get out at any point of time. If films like this are accepted it once again establish the fact that south and north has got a different sense and taste in attitude and approach.

‘Dostana’ is not the real friendship. I don’t have the broad mindedness and peace of mind to tolerate such silly things shown in the film, sorry…

Rating : 1 / 5


Anonymous said...

i read the comments of dostana, u know ippo,l namuda genaration aake maari.orum 10 varsham munp bit ittu kalikkunna 3 d class theateril polum this type cinemakal kanikkillayirunnu,but ipo with family vannu kandittu pokunnu,where is the problem?what is the problem?arkanu problem?achanum makkalum orumichirunnu liqure use cheyunnayh abhimanamai kanunna oru genaratinil ,xxx cinemakal kandu enjoy cheyyuunna boysum girls um ulla ee thalamurayil ,sex enjoy cheyanullathum jeevitham sukhikkanum ullathanu ennu karuthunna ee thalamurayil,ee chithrathintekurichu vievers engane edukkumkumennu kandariyam
all the best

Anonymous said...

Please don't describe Karan Johar as an amul-baby.Infact he is one of the best directors in Indian Cinema.Plz watch Kuch kuch hota hai,Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham,Kal ho naa ho and Kabhie alvida naa kehna.All these movies were superhits and good family dramas.