Thursday, November 13, 2008


Already we have discussed the fact that Hindi film field has got some excellent directors who tell the story in a different style of their own and are succeeded in it. The creator of ‘Page 3’, ‘Corporate’ and ‘Traffic Signal’ is back with his latest movie ‘Fashion’.

As the name tells the film deals with the ups and down in the colourful and attractive field of style and fashion. Since we are familiar with the ramp walking, the new trends in this area and the success of models and beauty queens through the media, here the director has tried to communicate the darker side of the fashion world also. He has shown the struggling phase of the models, their desperate attempt to keep the position, the competition between the individuals and companies, the role of fashion designers, agents etc. Also we are shown the bad habits practised by the models and what all is happening in the back stage before and after the show.

Priyanka Chopra has done the lead role in ‘Fashion’. She is the one who reached Mumbai from Chandigarh with the ambition of becoming a top model. Even after refusing by her father, she decides to leave her hometown in search of a prominent position in the new field. Kangana Ranaut plays the role of an experienced model. She is being addicted to smoking and drinking. At one of those struggling periods, Priyanka got a golden chance to replace the super model, Kankana. So it is the rising of one star through the downfall of another.

Once entered the position her life is changed and what happens to her position in the field is what the director has tried to tell through ‘Fashion’. The director has neatly connected the controversial real life incidents of models Geethanjali Nagpal (she was found roaming in the city streets in a poor un- healthy condition) and Carol Gracia (malfunctioning while walking in the ramp).

‘Fashion’ has been created by Madhur Bhandarkar without boring. Some of the incidents are familiar to us and some are not. Priyanka Chopra and Kankana Ranaut have done their roles exceptionally well. Camera by Mahesh Limaye is good. Salim Sulaiman has given the life to the movie through the background music and songs.

If you want to know what all is happening in the colourful world of fashion then ‘Fashion’ is a right choice.

Rating : 4 / 5

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Anonymous said...

its a fentasic cinema.especially the travelling of script.
reatistic aayi cherectersne sameepichathukundu oro charectersum valare "vyakthitvam "
feel cheyunnu.heroin aayi priyanka chopra cheythirikkunna perfomence beautiful anu,athinekkal engane oru charecter cheyyanulla manasinu annu abhinandnam kodukkendath.camara ,direction ennathinoppam acters castingum fentastic aayi,valare prasakthamaya oru padam undu ethil,