Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Raju Sundram – the name is quite popular in the south Indian cine field as a choreographer since last 20-25years.As the elder son of veteran dance master Sundaram and the brother of Prabhu Deva, he himself is busy in tamil-telugu films these days. Like his colleagues Raghavendra Lorence, Prabhu Deva and Rajasekhar, it is now Raju’s turn to direct a movie.

h Raju Sundaram started his first venture as director with Dhanush through ‘Parattai Engirai Azhagu Sundaram’ (remake of kannada block buster ‘Yogi’ by Shivraj Kumar), it was not successful since his extreme wish to work as a choreographer for other films also while directing the particular movie was not allowed by the Artists Union, later he was thrown out of the project and Suresh Krishna (‘Basha’, ‘Annamalai’ fame ) completed the film. But now through Raju became the debutant director through ‘Egan’.

Ajith – Nayantara teaming here again after their previous hit ‘Billa’. ‘Egan’ is inspired from films like ‘Main Hoon Naa’ and ‘Olympian Anthony Adam’. The film tells the story of a cop who belongs to an anti-terrorist squad. Suman (‘Sivaji’ fame ) plays the underworld don. In the beginning, Devan
who is doing business with him, quit the field. He wants to become an aquatint. From the police custody the former tries to kill him. Anyway he is escaped. So the police try to capture him through the hero, who in turn takes the role of a student and join the college where Devan’s daughter is studying. Nayantara is the teacher, as expected she loves our hero. After some family melodramas in the second half, the victory is for the hero only.

Frames by the cinematographer Arjun Jena is rich and colorful. But there is no depth in the story line and the scenes. Ajith, in the student’s role is not flexible. Jayaram who came as villain in
his previous two films, is a comedian here. In the role of Principal, he has got some foolish sequences to create the comedy.Being a malayalee, I cant appeciate the dialogue delivery of Cochin Haneefa in tamil films (may be such a non uniformity might be the reason for him to be casted in tamil films !!!).

Yuvan Shankar Raja has got some fast numbers. His background music is also good. Choreography for the songs by Raju’s ex-students, Dinesh, Noble and Bhaskar is notable. But on the whole, we can’t promote the project ‘Egan’.

‘Egan’ always wants to live alone; he doesn’t need your friendship. So no need for you to accompany him…

Rating : 2 / 5

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