Wednesday, December 31, 2008


ABS Combines, a new banner formed by Shafi (director), Benny P Nayarambalam (script writer) and Anto Joseph (production designer) has released their first project ‘Lollypop’. It is a film for the youth as the name indicates; it is done by youngsters like Prithviraj, Jayasurya, Kunchakko Boban, Bhavana and Roma. The director Shafi has retained some of the stars like who acted in his previous film ‘Choclate’ also. It is after a short gap that we are seeing Kunchakko in a film.

Prithviraj plays the role of a workshop owner; he is having a sister (Roma). Jayasurya who spends his life by doing theft and illegal things, reach the workshop to work as per recommendation by the church father (Salimkumar). Roma get in touch with the doctor (Kunjakko Boban) and slowly it turns to an affair, at the same time Prithvi loves her sister’s friend Bhavan who in turn is the neighbor and close friend of the doctor. Later when their marriage is fixed, as expected, the unknown villain use some fowl plays, because of the chaos and confusions the relationship is broken. Anyway in the end all happy and the villain is caught.

Salimkumar is in the role of church father, Suraj Venjarammood, Narayanakutty etc as workshop mechanics, Bijukuttan as a local thief creates some laughing here and there. The comedy generated by Narayanankutty’s character doubting his wife’s character is seen many times. Already I told that personally I am against the attitude of using comic dialogues as background sounds through dubbing without any lip movements by the comedians. It is a custom followed since last 3-4years for films written by Rafi-Mecartin, Benny P Nayarambalam, TA Shahid, TA Razak etc. Here also we can see the same.

In short ‘Lollypop’ is colorful. The nature of the story is more apt for a hindi film. Here all the main characters are interconnected to each other. We can’t question its logic. In between there is some laughing sequences. The director Shafi is using the “misunderstanding-theme” again and again. He has shown it in his previous projects like ‘Kalyanaraman’, ‘Pulival Kayanam’, ‘Thommanum Makkalum’ and ‘Choclate’. In all these successful projects, misunderstanding will be happening between friends, between hero and heroine and also sometimes between heroines.

Jayasurya should be conscious; there is a chance for him to be type casted if he does this kind of roles again. Prithviraj has used such a costume to show his muscle show, he is good but it will take some more time for him to be accepted by the malayalee audience.

Azhagappan has done the cinematography beautifully. Alex Paul gave some fast numbers. He has also done the background score without much effort, using the tunes of songs in it. ‘Assalayi’ song is picturised in Bangkok, but the team behind has not utilized the location well.

(since i saw 'Lollypop' after 5 days of its release only, it was not so bad to watch the theatre-edited version, but the treatment of it's first version as I heard was horrible and intolerable, let us not discuss it as there is no such evidence available now...)

Since no other good toffees are available in the market, this ‘Lollypop’ can be used, but it won’t be a good treat for you.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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