Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pakal Nakshatrangal

Rajivnath, who took films like ‘Kaveri’, ‘Aham’ etc which were not so big hits, has directed his latest venture, ‘Pakal Nakshatrangal’. The film is scripted by Anoop Menon, who acted in films like ‘Kattuchembakam’ and ‘Thirakkadha’. It is something special to be noted here, since Mohanlal has done the main role in the film. Sureshgopi and Anoop himself has got some prominent roles. Other star cast includes Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Kalpana, Reena Basheer (“Vanitha Ratnam” fame), K.B.Venu (“Samakalikam” fame) etc.

‘Pakal Nakshatrangal’ deals with the subject regarding the search for the reason of the sudden demise of a great film director Sidharthan, done by Mohanlal. Though the story is based on the father, it goes through the findings of his son (Anoop Menon), who is an NRI return. The latter is writing a novel based on the life history of his father. He wants to know how his father died. Though police claims it as a suicide, he can’t digest such a thing to be done by the bold film maker. After certain enquiries and findings he finds the reason in the climax.

The film starts with a TV news in which the government has decided to takeover the “Daffodils” house which is a traditional one, where many artists and cultural leaders are having their evening gatherings. Sidharthan was also a member in those groups. He has got companions from various areas in the society. It includes some ladies also. An abnormal person (Suresh Gopi), who has got an extra ordinary power to talk with the spirits and souls, helps the son to find some truths regarding his father.

Watching ‘Pakal Nakshatrangal’, which is serious and a straight film with solid dialogues, we will feel that this would have been scripted by some experienced script writers, but you will be astonished to realize the fact that it is done by the young guy which has not got much track record in the big screen, Anoop Menon. The story and the way in which it is presented with the sharp dialogues need special applause.

The good thing is that this film won’t make you boring as most of the subjects like this do. Also the there is no lagging apart from one or two scenes in which Suresh Gopi’s character talking with the spirit. His role might be unbelievable and odd, but since the title of the film is relevant and complete only through his findings, no issues. The climax here is acceptable, but I personally feel that a third party could think that it should have been done in a more sensible way.

Mohanlal’s performance is outstanding. The script writer has made such a track for the versatile actor to travel. So, Lal doesn’t need a special good certificate here. Especially his combination scenes with Kalpana and Reena Basheer are notable. Anoop Menon has also come in a matured role after ‘Thirakkadha’. (You can also feel similarity in some areas of story telling between ‘Pakal Naksharangal’ and ‘Thirakkadha’). Kalpana is also seen never as before.

Gazal mood song by Hariharan for Shahbaz Aman’s music goes with the mood. Sharath has given the background score. Ramachandra Babu has handled the camera without many gimmicks. Director Rajivnath can also project this film as his best work. The talk of the town here after will be the young Anoop Menon, who happened to be the matured writer of the film. You will feel like watching a Bharathan-Padmarajan-Mohan type of movie in the 80's.

‘Pakal Nakshatrangal’ is a good film, but it is very strange to say that audience these days are addicted to masala entertainment only, so a question of commercial success here is out of the way.

Rating : 4 / 5

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reshmy said...

You said it one to see such movies which is under estimated as art movies...but I just loved Pakal Nakshatrangal...Hats off to Anoop...