Friday, December 12, 2008


Sun Pictures, the giant name in the TV field is producing yet another film, ‘Thenavettu’. Hope you know their previous project ‘Kaathalil Vizhunthen’ has got big success through “Nakku Mukku…” song which has got a rapid tune and choreography. But here they don’t have anything big like that to project. Since, the project came from Sun group factory; I decided to go for a ride.

Jeeva, producer R.B.Chowdhary’s son is the hero of this film. He has acted in films like ‘Keertichakra’, ‘Raam’ and ‘Dishyum’ before. Poonam Bhajwa is the heroine. Jeeva hails from a poor family in a village area in Madurai. This angry young man reaches Chennai, there he works under the rich man Ravi Kale (‘Cyanide’ fame), who is having some underworld connections also. As expected, gradually he is in fond of the heroine Poonam. Finally when the rich man’s son who is a womanizer tries to attack the heroine, it is the hero who comes for the rescue and in the fight he is being brutally killed. The lovers escaped from the city, the villain’s father is in search for them and whether they succeeded in their love is what shown in the climax of ‘Thenavettu’.

There is not much entertainment you can imagine in this film with such a story line. Only thing you can expect here is the songs and action scenes mixed with some humour. Sreekanth Deva has given some fast songs with folk touch, but I can’t recollect anyone of them now. Anal Arasu has given some fast fight sequences. Ganja Karuppu is placed to create laughter, but that also didn’t work much effectively. Some fast cuts by the editor Raja Muhammed and shaking frames by the cameraman Vetri has made the film to look like a fast paced.

The new director V.V.Kathir has directed the film in such a way that it look like an ordinary action flick in the 90’s. He has created some dialogues praising Madurai people and their guts. In the later portions, the problems faced by the eunuch (“shikhandi”) people are also discussed; they gave shelter for the running lovers. Even then, I don’t think this film can create big news among the public.

‘Thenavettu’ means “guts”, but here no need to show your strength through muscles, use your brain and just stay away from the show which is good for non-movie maniacs.

Rating : 2 / 5

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