Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Transporter 3

W have already discussed the fact about making a sequel to a project which is a sure bet. So here is yet another series, 3rd one for ‘Transporter’ film is released. Since films like ‘Transporter 3’ belongs to the action genre, I don’t have to take an extra load while writing review for such an English film. For a normal person (like me) who watches most of the English films releasing here, all those types of action films can be categorized into a single group. Though films like this hold a base story line, we give importance for its presentation and its thrilling visualization. In ‘Transporter 3’ also the situation is same.

In the beginning we are shown a ship under the custody of some villain gangs, their leader blackmails the minister for getting an important deal, attaining the contract of oil refinery or something like that. Meanwhile the baddies kidnaps the minister’s daughter also. She is being kept in custody for forcing the minister to sign the deal. At the same time the gang also targets the hero and he is being asked to take the lady with him. Both of them cannot escape; since a remote bomb sensor is being attached to their body, if hey tries to ran way, it can result in total destruction. Anyway nothing unusual happened in the end. The hero saves the girl and the villain gangs are destroyed, ship is saved by the commandos.

In this ordinary story line, some of the scenes have to be mentioned here. It is the action scenes, which is enriched by some chasing sequences. The hero usually travels in his “Audi” car, villains chase him at ultimate speed in their “Benz”, such scenes are exciting and it can be used as a promo for “Audi” also. The visual effects and the real shots are neatly blended here.

The climax is mixed with chasing involving train and car shots. The scenes in which the car lands over the train, hero entering the train, also the car is shown jumping from one boggy to other in a maximum speed etc are unbelievable, but the team behind had presented them in a believable way. Usually we don’t tolerate such scenes in an Indian film, but we have given the English guys for the ultimate license to kill.

The heroine is presented in this film in an unusual makeup. She has got sunburns all over her body. Hero Jason Statham in his muscular outfits is serious and manly.

Those who like watching English action movies can try ‘Transporter 3’ also.

Rating : 3 / 5

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