Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Sreekanth, Namitha, Hemamalini, Vivek, Nasser
Director : Rajeshwar
Music : Aathish

Tamil actor Sreekanth, who don’t have big hits after films like ‘Rojakkoottam’, ‘Parthiban Kanavu’ and ‘Kanaa Kandein’ has acted in a new tamil movie named ‘Indiravizha’. But he can’t claim the credits for the above alone, since he was a new face in the first film with Bhoomika as his pair, second one has got Sneha in double role and the last one has got debutant Prithviraj in the main negative role. Now, super glamour queen in the south, Namitha is the co-star in ‘Indiravizha’. She has done the role in her “style”. Rajeshwar, who gave the periodical film by Simran, ‘Kovilppatti Veeralakshmi’ (2004), has directed the movie.

The hero (Sreekanth) is the creative head of a private tv channel. The LLB student (Hemamalini) is a victim of the fun show created by the channel. After being mentally irritated repeatedly, the hero felt sympathy and he marries the girl. In the mean while the owner of the channel (Namitha) comes with her husband (Nasser). She is the ex lover of our hero. She tries to get in touch with him again. But he refused and she planned to take revenge by arranging a drama. A case is filed against him for rape attempt. His lawyer friend (Vivek) comes as the defense. Yesteryear actor, YG Mahendran appears as her lawyer. In the end the truth is revealed after hero’s wife, who is also a lawyer appears for him.

The happenings in the story regarding the channel program in the first half deviated my thoughts about the source of this story. But soon I succeeded in finding that ‘Indiravizha’ is the remake of hindi film, ‘Aitraaz’ acted by Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra (negative role), Kareena Kapoor (wife’s role) and Amrish Puri. But the current project is so poor that it cannot be compare with excellent hindi version. Don’t forget that it was also an adaptation from the Hollywood film, ‘Disclosure’. If you are particular in making a remake, then why are you adding unwanted elements?

It looks like that the director wants to exploit only the maximum glamour of Namitha. The comedy scenes by Vivek are not up to the mark. The scenes created for comedy inside the court involving the judge (Radharavi) is also horrible sometimes. Songs comes in non realistic situations, especially the last one is misplaced. The fun based program made by the channel not only gives mental tension to the heroine but also to the viewers. Later when the hero reveals his wish, suddenly her mood changes to happiness, which is also unrealistic. Only advantage here is the extra glamour, that too for die hard Namitha fans. Thus too many negatives had made the project non watchable.

No need to take the chance on ‘Indiravizha’; It is better to collect the dvd of ‘Aitraaz’ and watch it.

Rating : 2.5 / 10

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