Thursday, August 6, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Sasikumar, Bharani, Vijay Vasanth, Ganja Karuppu, Ananya, Abhinaya
Director: Samudrakkani
Music : Sundar C Babu

Delivering hit films one after other will create the expectation more, when the team behind comes up with a new project. After ‘Subramanyapuram’ (as director, producer, actor) and ‘Pasanga’ (as Producer), Sasikumar has done the lead role in the film ‘Nadodigal’. This time the director is Samudrakkani, who did the villain role in ‘Subramanyapuram’. Vijay Vasath (new face), Bharani (‘Kalloori’ fame), Ganja Karuppu etc are there in the supporting roles. Malayalam actress Ananya (‘Positive, ‘Rahasya Police’ fame) and new face Abhinaya are the heroines. Sundar C Babu (“Vaalameenukkum…” fame) gave the music and Kathir (‘Subramanyapuram’ fame) is the cinematographer.

In the beginning itself we are shown the motto “Your friend is also the friend of mine“. Hence it is clear that ‘Nadodigal’ deals with the story of friendship. The three friends have got their own ambitions. Karunakaran (Sasikumar) wants to get a government job, his friend (Vijay Vasanth) wants to open a computer centre. Their love matters are also shown. In the middle, former’s friend reached there. He is seeking their help to solve the problem happened to him due to love failure. They took the risk in helping the friend to be got married. The incident has become a turning point and causes problems in all their lives. They have to put down their ambition due to this. After few months, they are shocked to see the present condition of the newly married couples and what happens to all of them is discussed through the film ‘Nadodigal’.

This is yet another example of a film where the attraction lies in the simplicity in the story and its realistic presentation. We have seen kidnapping scenes in many films presented seriously and also in a humorous way, but the one lead scene to the interval where the lover girl is being kidnapped from the parents is stunning. “Sambo…” song in the background suits the mood well. Like the previous films, here also you are having good performances from many new faces. The real atmosphere of the village is truly brought to the canvas once again. Though it is not a necessity as far the story is concerned, the creators have included one or two gana songs also to give a local flavor considering the regional audiences.

Sasikumar has done well; it doesn’t feel that he acts, rather he is behaving. Vijay Vasanth, Bharani and Ganja Karuppu also did a good job. Ananya, who comes in the bubbly character, will get a good name through this film. It is good to see that she has acted by giving her own voice in her first film. The director should be appreciated for casting a deaf and dump girl like Abhinaya in the lead role. It should be noted that she has done well in a normal character like the hero’s sister role. The director had given a good dubbing for her and the camera angles help her to perform like a normal girl.

Sundar C Babu has given a lively mood with an excellent background score. Even after doing a Vijayakanth film, he was not notable as a director before, here after Samudrakkani will be remembered as the creator of ‘Nadodigal’. Kathir, the cameraman has given some good visuals also.

‘Nadodigal’ is simple, straight and sometimes haunting. Its realistic presentation gives a message also.

Rating : 9 / 10

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