Saturday, August 22, 2009


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Nishan, Asif Ali, Rima Kallingal, MG Sasi
Director : Shyama Prasad
Music : Rahul Raj

Director Shyama Prasad’s new film ‘Rithu’ released with a different byline comment, “Seasons change…do we”. May be the director might not have given big hits, but his films ‘Agnisakshi’, ‘Akale’ and ‘Orey Kadal’ caught attention. I always loved his mini screen works like ‘Uyarthezhunnelppu’ and ‘Maranam Durbalam’, which were unique creations in the particular area. The director’s fame is the main reason for ‘Rithu’ being in the news. We can’t avoid he debutant heroine and last year runner up in the Miss Kerala competition, Rima Kallingal, since she is the talk of the town these days. Thus it is also a factor that raised the fame of the film. Moreover the film is distributed by Megastar Mammootty’s distribution company, Play House.

This is the story of three childhood friends (played by new comers Nishan, Asif Ali, Rima Kallingal). After working in US for three years, Nishan reached the native to settle here. He asks other two people, who were in Bangalore, to join him. They agreed and while working here in an IT firm, he finds that those years made a gap in their friendship and attitude. That time itself, he wished to marry Rima. The good old memory of their friendship is still there in his mind. Now he finds that their approach is not genuine. He also has to face an official cheating from his close friend Asif, which made him to take the decision of leaving them. There after what happens to those three is mainly discussed in ‘Rithu’.

Thos who have watched the director’s previous films (excluding ‘Kallu Kondoru Pennu’) might know his style. Here also Shyama Prasad has followed the fluctuating style, which can’t be categorized into mainstream or parallel films. His attempt to create the story of the IT field with the new faces should be appreciated. (Don’t forget that director Kamal also wished to create the happenings in the same area with the experienced hands in ‘Minnaminniikkoottam’ and has failed in it). In ‘Rithu’, you have got the different activities in the IT field which is shown straight and seriously. The scenes involving the official team meeting, party gathering and negative comments against the native people are some examples. The portrayal of Nishan’s father and brother (done by director MG Sasi) characters are excellent. The performances of all the three main characters are good. The body language of the heroine suits well for the character, especially the area where she talks through mobile looks realistic.

Joshua Newton’s script is not extra ordinary, but the director’s presentation has given the life it demanded. Shyam Datt’s cinematography is good. Rahul Raj had given the music. The songs in different style are not catchy, but the background score goes with the mood.

‘Rithu’ is a cross section of a certain area of the society with many new faces. We should welcome different approaches like this.

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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